JAMAICA | UK bows, will now recognize Jamaica's vaccination certificates

JAMAICA | UK bows, will now recognize Jamaica's vaccination certificates

KINGSTON, Jamaica, October 8, 2021 -  The vaccination certification carried by Jamaican nationals entering the United Kingdom will now be recognized following discussions between the UK Foreign Office and Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Sen. Kamina Johnson Smith. 

The Foreign Affairs Minister noted that this recognition will become effective as of Monday October 11, 2021.

 “I am pleased that Jamaica’s vaccination programme and in particular, our cards, will now be recognized by the UK. It is further good news for vaccinated Jamaicans who were impacted by previous non-recognition, and for Jamaicans at large,” the Foreign Minister said.

“Jamaica will join some sister Caribbean countries, as well as others including the USA and member states of the European Union in this regard,” she continued.

Johnson Smith explained that  “Just a few weeks ago, I engaged the UK Government on the issue and related matters at both the political and technical levels.  We also facilitated the flow of information from the Ministry of Health and Wellness through the British High Commission and our Mission in London.  We have remained engaged,” she said.

The Jamaican foreign minister noted that “this announcement signifies the strength of systems put in place and our continued efforts to enhance the integrity of our vaccination programme.  We very much appreciate the timely attention paid to this concern by the British government and its relevant authorities.”

Johnson Smith reiterated that an expanded UK List of country programmes had been determined for October in which Jamaica has been included. She explained that while global processes are relatively new, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health and Wellness to also ensure recognition of Jamaica’s vaccination programme by other countries, as they implement or maintain travel restrictions which distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.

The Foreign Affairs Minister concluded that, “We remain confident in our systems including our vaccination database secured through partnership with UNICEF and the private sector. I encourage all Jamaicans to get vaccinated not only to facilitate travel, but for their personal protection and for the protection of their communities and country.”

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