JAMAICA | Vaccination Blitz Arrangements need improvement says PNP

JAMAICA | Vaccination Blitz Arrangements need improvement says PNP

KINGSTON, Jamaica. August 22, 2021. Opposition Spokesman on Health and Wellness, Dr Morais Guy, says a number of the Vaccination sites did not function properly yesterday as there was no supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine for others accompanying children to get the Pfizer vaccine.

Consequently, Dr Guy wants urgent arrangements in place for the resumption of vaccinations this morning. Commenting on yesterday’s blitz, he said adults were turned back at several locations, as only the Pfizer vaccines were available and no arrangement was in place for adults. He said, “Adults who took their children to be vaccinated were expected to make a second trip to the centres for their own vaccination. That is simply poor planning.”

In a statement this morning, Dr Guy called on the Minister of Health  and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton, MP, to immediately correct the situation and ensure that all adults, particularly the elderly, going to the blitz sites can receive jabs today, tomorrow and Tuesday. He said the poor arrangements can only serve to increase vaccine hesitancy.

Dr Guy said further that denial of vaccines to the adult population will affect the uptake in the future and thwart Jamaica’s herd immunity objective down the road.

The Opposition spokesman said it was not difficult to ensure that centers are supplied with both vaccines and the Minister of Health of Wellness and the Ministry should move expeditiously to ensure that this is in place for the remainder of the children’s vaccination programme. This, he said, could be achieved by assigning different teams to administer the adult vaccinations in the locations across Jamaica. Failing that, ensure that everyone who turns up at the sites can be given the Pfizer vaccine.


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