GUYANA | It wasn't me ! Arson suspect says he did not confess to starting the Brickdam fire !!

GUYANA | It wasn't me ! Arson suspect says he did not confess to starting the Brickdam fire !!

GEORGETOWN,  Guyana, September 5, 2021 - The man who the Guyana police said confessed to starting the fire which destroyed the colonial style police  headquarters, has denied  making any such  statement, and claimed that he was forced to sign a document that was never read to him.

A report from News Source Guyana said the man, Clarence Greene, met with Attorneys Ronald Daniels and Kiswana Jefford today and told them that he had nothing to do with the fire.

The man told the Attorneys that he was arrested early on Saturday morning on allegations of an armed robbery. He said he was searched before he was placed in Cell #4 inside the lockups.

Attorney Ronald Daniels said his client told him that he was the only one placed in the cell and moments after being placed there, he started to smell something burning and raised an alarm which was ignored by the Police. He said a prisoner in the cell next to him also raised an alarm that there was a burning scent coming into the cell, but that prisoner’s complaint was also ignored.

Greene told his Attorneys that he eventually fell asleep but was awakened by a prisoner at his door throwing water on him and alerting him that there was a fire. The man said by this time, smoke was coming into the cell, and the Police started to evacuate them from the area.

“They were eventually being taken to the Sparendaam Police station by bus on Saturday evening,” where Greene said he provided a statement to the Police detailing his experience, recounting all that took place and the warnings he provided.

He said later on Sunday he was taken to the CID headquarters where he was assaulted while being questioned. The Attorney said his client told him that throughout the questioning at CID, he never confessed to starting any fire, because he never started any fire.

The man said he was eventually given a document to sign and when he asked the Officer to read what he was being asked to sign  because he could not read, he was told that he should just sign it.

On Sunday, the Police issued a statement indicating that the man had confessed to setting the station on fire, by lighting a piece of a mattress, tying it onto a piece of wire, and pushing it through the vent of the lockups into an office area.

The Attorney Daniels has indicated that a complaint will be filed against the investigating officer, who his client claims assaulted him during questioning.


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