GUYANA | Ramjattan calls Paul Stowe arrest a witch-hunt of epic proportion

GUYANA | Ramjattan calls Paul Stowe arrest a witch-hunt of epic proportion

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, May 24, 2021 - Former Public Security Minister and Leader of the Alliance for Change and Former Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan has come to the defence of former senior police officer and Chair of the Police Public Service Commission as well as the other former police police officials who were placed before the courts last week over allegations of fraud related to a review of the Force’s Standing Orders. 

News Source Guyana is reporting that Ramjattan has referred to the Police Service Commission, (PSC) as an institution that is a check and balance institution against the executive of the day, and any attempt to discredit that institution is an attempt to hide from scrutiny and engage in corrupt practices.

The  Guyana based online news site is reporting that Ramjattan has called the matter a “disastrous development” and a witch-hunt of epic proportion [that] will come back to haunt the PPP”. 

“According to Ramjattan, the issue at hand is not one of principle but that of revenge. Describing Paul Slowe as a ‘complete professional’, Ramjattan recalled that Slowe was refused promotion under the PPP government because he refused to go by illegal orders,” the online news reports.

“Paul Slowe was hated by the PPP when he was a member of the Guyana Police Force as a Senior leader there…And that is what the PPP didn’t like about them. Those who could have argued back with the government and say that their policies are wrong or management of policies are wrong, they want to hit back and this is one way of hitting back,” Ramjattan observed.

The story quotes Ramjattan as saying “This is terrible for the Guyana Police Force. I think this is but another guardrail that is being broken in our society…And it will fuel divisiveness, because we know for a fact that a lot more Afro-Guyanese are in the police force, a lot more afro- Guyanese lead the police force in these high up positions and so on and what this control ‘freakism’ is revealing its ugly head of authoritarianism.”

Ramjattan said the former senior police officers were all “heroes’ of their time who are now being made villains.

Assistant Police Commissioner Royston Andries-Junor, Senior Superintendent of Police Marcelene Washington and Asst. Superintendent Marlon Kellman were charged along with retired senior Officers Paul Slowe, Clinton Conway, Claude Whittaker, George Fraser, Mark Gilbert, and Michael Sutton for allegedly conspiring with each other and persons unknown to defraud the Guyana Police Force of $10,056,000.

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