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Bermuda's Opposition party’s press officer quits over “deceit and manipulation”

Featured New leader of Bermuda's Opposition Progressive Labour Party (PLP) David Burt New leader of Bermuda's Opposition Progressive Labour Party (PLP) David Burt
HAMILTON, Bermuda, Nov 10, CMC  — The opposition Progressive Labour Party’s (PLP) press officer Coy Millett has resigned following the appointment of David Burt.

Burt, who has replaced former leader Marc Bean, was sworn in as Opposition Leader at Government House on Wednesday. Bean retired from politics last week.

plp-logo2Millett’s strongly worded letter, which was leaked to the press, accused Burt of “deceit and manipulation” while claiming that the “future of Bermuda is at stake”.

Speaking of his resignation, Millett’s letter to PLP chairman Scott Simmons read: “My reasoning for this decision is simply that I cannot in good conscience work under the newly-elected party leader.

“After what I have witnessed, inclusive of a year of internal fighting, it would be inconsistent with my principles for me to serve under someone who through deceit and manipulation came to lead the party.

“The future of Bermuda is at stake, the future of the party is at stake, and I am not convinced we have positioned ourselves to be as strong and effective as we can.

“My hope is that the party makes it through the storm ahead, and ultimately finds someone with morals, ethics, a conscience, and decency to lead before it becomes too late.”

Burt said: “I wish Coy the best in his future endeavours and I thank him for his service as PRO.”

Millett is the second member of the PLP to tender his resignation, joining Makai Dickerson, who announced his resignation on the night of last week’s delegates’ conference at which Burt was voted in with Walter Roban chosen as his deputy. Burt beat Dennis Lister by 39 votes to 35.

Marc Daniels, the PLP’s Senate Leader, quit the Upper House, citing “subterfuge and deceit” against Bean, who stepped down eight months after suffering a stroke. He had since been on medical leave.

Meanwhile, Burt has unveiled his new team, bringing back into the fold two of the seven MPs who resigned from the shadow cabinet last December under Bean’s leadership.

Those returning are Walton Brown, who has been appointed shadow Minister of Home Affairs, and Kim Wilson, who is shadow Minister of Health.  Wilson lost out to Roban in the race to be the party’s deputy leader.

Burt has reclaimed his position as shadow Minister of Finance – from which he quit in the days before Bean resigned.

The new leader said his shadow cabinet will “take forward the PLP’s campaign for a fairer Bermuda, one which keeps the interests of all Bermudians at heart”.

Bean had led the PLP since it was defeated by the One Bermuda Alliance in the December 2012 general election, which saw former Premier Paula Cox lose her seat in the House of Assembly.

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