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Costa Ricans condemn increased US aggressiveness against Cuba

San José, Feb 23 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivarian Circle Yamileth López and the Costa Rican Popular Center for Social Studies (Cbylo-Cpces) of Costa Rica today condemned the increase in the aggressiveness of the United States against Cuba, which highlighted their altruistic response.
'The government of Donald Trump has discharged a battery of aggressions, forgeries, unilateral amendments, insults and abusive and immoral decrees, which exceeds 85, with the pretense of muddling and discrediting the social project of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba and the sharpness and generosity , of its cooperation with nations from all continents, 'says the text, published here on social networks.

He argues that Washington's arbitrary and extraterritorial measures framed in a strategy of siege, hatred and hostility - which is known as the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba - are a neocolonial 'decrepit, senseless and suicidal policy, which has sunk United States in isolation and bankruptcy'.

It highlights that the Cuban people with the lucidity of their freedom and invariable decision to build a prosperous and sustainable socialist society, independently and without accepting interference, blackmail, threats and external intervention of capital, has understood with a clear perspective the importance of sharing the conquered rights, social advances and the hope of achieving full human happiness in all latitudes.

The entities Cbylo and Cpces remember that from the first days of the triumph of the Revolution, the Cuban people share their achievements and what they produce with the other peoples of the world who need it, as evidenced by the fact that about 500 thousand specialists Health has ventured into medical cooperation missions in 164 countries.

In the Cuban universities, more than 35 thousand professionals from 136 countries have been trained and they add that they are currently studying eight thousand 478 fellows from 121 nations in medical schools in Cuba, they said.


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