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CUBA | J'can groups condemn US economic blockage of Cuba

Featured CUBA | J'can groups condemn US economic blockage of Cuba
KINGSTON, Jamaica, October 2019 - Two Jamaican organizations, the Jamaica Cuba Friendship Association (JCFA) and the Pan-African Federalist Movement of Jamaica have condemned, attempts by the United States of America, to asphyxiate the Cuban economy and bring untold hardship on its people by escalating the economic embargo via the Helms-Burton Act.

In a statement signed by president of the JCFA, Trevor Brown, the organization said "the Trump administration has sought to deny our Cuban brothers access to goods that are essential and basic for normal life, such as fuel,  in vulgar display and utter contempt for the norms of international law, undergirded by raw demonstration of the politics of power which is unprecedented in the history of state to state relations."

The statement pointed out that "the United States had escalated "the extra territorial application of the repugnant Helms Burton act that deprives Cubans of the most elementary resources that are essential to their health and general well being."

"They have  pressured governments and countries where ships are registered, as well as imposing sanctions on shipping and insurance companies that transport fuel to our sister country, in a move designed to intimidate Cuba’s international associates thus making the day to day living conditions more difficult," Brown lamented.

Helms Burton Cuba 460"The Trump administration needs to be reminded that just like in 1960, when faced with a triumphant revolution and a united population who vowed not to return to the days of being the ‘playground’ of the empire led by its Batista-like cronies, a memorandum from US diplomat Lester Malloy in his summing up of the situation in our sister country noted, that the only path for them to take back control of Cuba was to provoke ‘ disappointment and discouragement through economic dissatisfaction and hardship… with the objective of causing hunger, despair and overthrow of the government’. This has failed!" the release noted.

"History has taught us that the Cuban revolution has outlasted 11 presidents of the United States of America during the lifetime of the historical leader Fidel, while standing up against the most unjust, severe and prolonged unilateral system of sanctions known to mankind, an undeclared economic war against a courageous and patriotic people. The Donald Trump-led administration will be no different.

 We call on all well thinking Jamaica join us in raising raise their voices in opposition to USA’s genocidal action against our sister country," the release concluded.

In the meantime, the Pan-African Federalist Movement of Jamaica has thrown its weight of its influence behind the government of Cuba, in a statement of support Coordinator, of the Panafrican Federalist Movement in Jamaica, Imhotep Ashanti said:

As African descendants, knowing the pain and destruction that the imperialist system has plagued on freedom loving people throughout the world, WE, the members of the Panafrican Federalist Movement in Jamaica, declare:

  • We condemn in the strongest way, the attempts by the current leadership of the United States of America to asphyxiate the economy of our sister country of Cuba by bringing untold hardship on its people. The economic, commercial and financial blockade must be lifted once and forever! The extraterritorial application of the repugnant Helms Burton Act must be stopped!
  • We fully support the right of the people of Cuba to determine their own direction, without the interference from outside imperialist forces, and We firmly stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters of Cuba in their resistance to the imperialist domination.
  • We will keep firm in our conviction in following our way of love, peace and harmony; but never will our love of a peaceful life find us weak and afraid to stand our ground.
  • We call on all well-thinking Jamaicans to join us in raising their voices in opposition to the United States Government's genocide actions against Cuba.

16 October 2019


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