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GUYANA | Pompeo gives Guyana US$5-mil to help Venezuelan Refugees

  • Written by Wiredja.com- Calvin G. Brown
  • Published in Caribbean
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a press conference in Guyana on Friday morning US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a press conference in Guyana on Friday morning
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, September 18, 2020 - United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used the opportunity of his visit to Guyana on Friday, to reiterate his call for Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro to leave office and to congratulate the Guyanese government for supporting the position of the United States on Venezuela.

Secretary of State Pompeo thanked Guyana for its support in the international fora against the Nicolas Maduro dictatorship.

“We talked about the need for democracy in Venezuela and an end to the illegitimate Maduro regime; the man that is denying the very democracy that the Guyanese people so love , denying that democracy for the people of Venezuela. You have been a strong partner for us on this issue. You have supported the statements through the Organisation of American States and through the Lima Group,” Pompeo said.

The US Secretary of State who is visiting the countries that border Venezuela, during a press conference this morning here in Guyana, reaffirmed the US Government’s position that the Venezuelan leader needs to demit office.

“We know that the Maduro regime has decimated the people of Venezuela and Maduro himself is an indicted narcotics trafficker and this means he has to leave. For the people in Venezuela to have the democracy that they need, the Cuban security forces must go and Maduro must leave,” Pompeo told reporters in Georgetown at a joint press conference with Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali.

In March of this year, the US government formally indicted the Venezuelan President on narcotics trafficking charges and issued a wanted bulletin for his arrest.

Against the background of Guyana endorsing US-sponsored statements at the Lima Group and the Organisation of American States on the need for free and fair elections in Venezuela, President Ali said his government was interested in democracy and the welfare of people. 

“Guyana is very clear on its position to Venezuela and our position is not a secret… We support democracy and free and fair elections and we support democratic transition wherever it has to take place. Our concern has always been about people, their welfare and ensuring that people don’t suffer in any process,” President Ali said.

The US Secretary of State today praised Guyana for taking in the Venezuelan refugees and announced a US$5million donation to Guyana to assist the Venezuelans who have sought refuge in Guyana.

While Guyana maintains its position not to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela, the country has supported the positions of the Organization of American States and the Lima Group, which have both been pressing for regime change in Venezuela.


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