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Haitian PM Stresses Role of CARICOM and upcoming Cuban Summit

Haiti´s Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Haiti´s Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 27 (acn) Haiti´s Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe stressed the need for regional countries to keep struggling shoulder to shoulder for the wellbeing of their peoples as Havana readies to host the 5th Summit of Cuba and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on December 8.

Aimed at deepening regional integration, dialog and cooperation the summit will gather Caricom 15 member states in the Cuban capital to discuss crucial issues on the spotlight of the regional governments.

In statements to Granma newspaper the Haitian premier said the Caribbean Community is the appropriate platform to achieve integration and that in this regards the region must advance cooperation and focus on the development of sectors such as healthcare, foreign investment and trade.

Lamothe also said that the Summit will address challenges like climate change, which is affecting the economies of vulnerable countries; the fight on extreme poverty; strategies to achieve sustainability in the health sector; the prevention and fight against Ebola and Cholera, among other important issues.

"There are many subjects to deal with and they all are very important for the countries of this community," he noted.

The top government Haitian official stressed the role of Cuba in the region by describing it as very important because "Cuba is a natural leader in the area," he noted and said that the island maintains supportive and committed relations. In the health sector, he referred to the Cuban assistance of Haiti, which has improved the lives of millions of Haitians; it is a relation of full solidarity, he stressed.

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