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Cuba to help with Ebola prevention in the Region

Featured Cuba to help with Ebola prevention in the Region
HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 20 (acn) Cuban President Raul Castro says his country stands ready to work side by side with every country, including the United States to tackle the Ebola crisis which he says “poses a huge challenge to humanity, one that should be met with utmost urgency.”

In declaring open the special summit on Ebola in Havana this morning, President Castro offerred the services of Cuban trained doctors throughout the Caribbean in assisting Ebola prevention preparation process.

He told the members of ALBA that “If the respective governments would agree, our healthcare collaborators currently working in Latin America and the Caribbean, could support, to the extent of their capabilities, the preventive actions and the training of local personnel, as well as to offer advice.

“We have 45,952 Cuban healthcare collaborators working in 25 countries of Our America, 23,158 of them, that is, 50.4% are doctors, who along with their colleagues from the continent make up a powerful force capable of meeting such a challenge.

He said “tomorrow, Tuesday, October 21st, two other Cuban brigades, whose leaders are already in the field, will be leaving for Liberia and Guinea.” This follows the dispatch of specialized Cuban medical brigade of 165 Cuban health professionals to Sierra Leone, one of the African nations that has been most severely affected by Ebola, since early October.

"It's worthwhile recalling that many countries of our region count on 23,944 doctors graduated in Cuban universities until today, basically in the past fifteen years. At the moment, more than 4 thousand Cuban healthcare collaborators are working in 32 African countries and, they are all joining in the preventive effort against Ebola,” President Castro declared.

“We wish to submit to the consideration of the member countries of ALBA and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) some collective proposals of cooperation that may help in training the healthcare personnel and designing and implementing comprehensive and effective preventive measures, giving a priority to Haiti and the Caribbean countries; we should all assist the most vulnerable states,” the Cuban President declared.

“I stand convinced that if this threat is not held back and resolved in West Africa, through an immediate and effective international response, with sufficient resources and coordinated by the World Health Organization and the United Nations, it may evolve into one of the gravest pandemics in the history of mankind, actually, such a noble and urgent endeavor demands the indispensable commitment and dedication of every nation in the world, to the extent of everyone's possibilities,” President Castro noted.

“We are of the view that this grave problem should not be politicized to avoid the risk of losing track of the main objective, which is helping to confront the epidemic in Africa and to prevent its expansion to other regions.

"The modest experience accumulated by the Cuban healthcare system indicates that an integrating disposition is required, along with the proper organization, planning and coordination, not only of the clinical and healing work but also of preventive measures. An inescapable complementation to this would be the systemic and permanent labors of the specialists who shall exercise great discipline and severity in the observation of the medical protocols established,” said Castro.

In order to avoid being affected by the virus, we should prepare ourselves intensively, work together throughout the Americas on preventive measures, and be ready to deal with the disease and prevent its dissemination.

At the same time, we invite the countries of North America to also cooperate in this endeavor.

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