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ST. KITTS & NEVIS | PM Harris says June 5 is Election day, Nomination day is May 27

Featured PM Timothy Harris and his challenger, Dr. Denzil Douglas PM Timothy Harris and his challenger, Dr. Denzil Douglas
ST. KITTS-NEVIS, Basseterre, May, 18, 2020 - People of St Kitts and Nevis will go on the polls on June 5 to elect a new government. Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris in making the announcement on Monday, said nomination day will be Wednesday, May 27 2020.

The announcement comes less than a week after the dissolution of parliament last week. Dr. Harris said Nomination Day will be on May 27 2020.

In an online announcement today, PM Harris said the election will be held after 19 days. The polls are predicted to be quite a challenge for Team Unity government to retain the power as opposition St Kitts, and Nevis Labour Party has emerged as saviours in COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let the bells ring across the Nation and may the land of beauty always be a land of peace and prosperity.” He said this election will be different because of the rules to combat the virus.

“We will con tinue to rely on our health experts to guide us in the way in which we can carry out our constitutional election while keeping our people safe.”

Dr. Harris said campaigning using some traditional means of communication will have to be modified.

Harris also indicated that  supervisor of elections will adress safety measures after consultations with health professionals.

According to surveys conducted in St Kitts and Nevis 70%, youth is in favour of SKNLP, whereas 30% of youth is sticking to Team Unity. This is significant data as youth votes are considered under the undecided votes sector. Mostly, undecided votes change the scenario of the election result.

Interestingly, due to Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings, the election campaigns are going to rock social media primarily and radio.

Already, there has been intense political campaign from both political fronts, with initiatives being introduced by the leader of SKNLP, Dr Denzil Douglas have invited more support and engagement than Team Unity.

Dr Douglas is campaigning on a promise of good government, improved socio-economic conditions, corruption-free country and emphasising to steer the island into a new development path.

Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris, along with coalition partners, has promised to run the good government after winning the elections.

St Kitts and Nevis, have a total 11 constituencies, with 8 in St Kitts and 3 in Nevis. Any political outfit or coalition of several parties display the stronghold in 6 Parliament constituencies will hold the government of a twin-island nation.

Team Unity has received a major jolt with two prominent leaders of the SKN resigning from the party accusing it of nepotism. Team Unity founding member Sam Condor and Dwyer Astaphan can be seen distancing themselves from the government.

Another issue which can influence the election is boundaries act amended by Dr Denzil Douglas in 2015. That time, Privy Council had ordered to conduct elections on previous boundaries.

In the forthcoming polls the government is yet to determine whether the 1983 borders will be in force or newly amended boundaries will be considered in the elections.

So far, Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris has not clarified on this matter.

In the February 17, 2015 elections, The outgoing coalition (SKNLP and NRP) headed by Dr. Denzil Douglas secured 50.08% of votes but got only 4 seats, while the winning coalition (PAM, PLP and CCM) headed by Timothy Harris captured 7 seats with only 49.92% of votes.


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