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UWI reacts to public push-back on 40% fee payment recommendation

UWI Mona UWI Mona
MONTEGO BAY,  Jamaica March 23, 2021 - A recommendation by the  University of the West Indies (UWI) Chancellor's Commission on Governance, that students should now pay 40 per cent of their tuition, instead of the  20 per cent they now pay, is not going down well, and the UWI is concerned over the tremendous push back to its proposal.

A press release from the UWI says  the administration “has noted the public expressions on the Report of the Chancellor's Commission on Governance, which have been widely ventilated particularly in the regional media through various editorials and articles.”

The release pointed out that “in December 2018, Chancellor of The UWI, Robert Bermudez established the Commission on Governance to review the University's operations.”

The Commission was chaired by former President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, Sir Dennis Byron,  the Commission, and comprised of an independent and diverse group who “engaged with internal and external stakeholders in the discharge of its mandate.  The resultant report from the Commission completed in July 2020, contains several recommendations.”

The following is a press statement by Chair of the Committee, Sir Dennis Byron.

“At a special meeting convened on January 20, 2021, the University Council considered the recommendations of The UWI Chancellor's Commission on Governance. The Council agreed to the establishment of a Committee to review said recommendations and to put forward to Council those for adoption and subsequent implementation. That Review Committee comprising members of Council has since been constituted, and will present its evaluations formally at the next sitting of the University Council, carded for April 30, 2021,” the release said.

“There have been two previous Chancellor's Commissions convened by former Chancellors, Sir Shridath Ramphal, and Sir George Alleyne, that reported in 1996 and 2006, respectively. Like its preceding reports, it is anticipated that the adopted recommendations of the 2020 Commission on Governance will help to improve the overall efficiency of the University,” the release concluded.

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