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DIASPORA | Support pour in for IPMI's Jamaica Day of Prayer, August 8, 2020

  • Written by By Aubrey Campbell
  • Published in Diaspora
NEW YORK, NY. Saturday, July 18, 2020 -- Jamaicans at home and those scattered across the globe, are being encouraged to remain steadfast in their vision of achieving spiritual renewal and transformation, in these challenging times.
newton gabbidon ministry profile photo 3
The Rev. Mr. Newton Gabbidon

That is the view from the Rev. Newton Gabbidon, founder and president of Intercessory Prayer Ministries International (IPMI), based in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

“Given our strong Christian heritage, it is fitting that we take this time to call upon the Eternal Father for guidance, wisdom, vision and strength as we join hands and hearts in the task of nation building,” offered Gabbidon, program director of the Jamaica Diaspora Day of Prayer and Fasting (JDOP), an affiliate prayer movement of IPMI, established in 1994, by a consortium of Jamaican clergy.

The annual day of prayer and fasting (DoP) this year, will be more that a ‘sweet sixteen’, as for the first time, the event will be presented online, in the virtual space, as a result of the pandemic and the restriction on large, in person gatherings.

The event will be presented this year on Saturday, August 8, at 3.00 pm, with messages from leaders in the three key Diaspora divisions; United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Concerned Jamaicans will be able to join clergy in a multidimensional service including prayer, messages of inspiration and music.

The call to prayer will run for about 30 minutes and led by pastors and leaders chosen from across the regions. Donations will be accepted for two charities in Jamaica, the Pregnancy Resource Center in Montego Bay and Hear the Children Cry, in St. Andrew.

Folks will be able to watch and participate at www.pray4jamaica.com and via Facebook live. Persons seeking more information can call IPMI at 718-241-2162.


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