GUYANA | Roysdale Forde announces bid for leadership of the People's National Congress Reform Party, PNCR.

GUYANA | Roysdale Forde announces bid for leadership of the People's National Congress Reform  Party, PNCR.

GEORGETOWN,  Guyana, March 28, 2024 - Opposition Member of Parliament, Senior Counsel Roysdale Forde under the theme Regroup, Refocus and Rebuild, today announced his intention to make himself available for nomination to contest the position of leader of the People’s National Congress Reform at the next Congress expected by August 31, 2024

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Forde pointed out that the PNCR’s Biennial Delegates Congress,which is held every two year was now due, and shall under Article 15 Section 4 “elect the Party Leader, Chairman, Vice Chairman and fifteen (15) other members, who shall become the elected members of the Central Executive Committee.”

Forde, an attorney at law, told the press conference that “The reality is that we have a short time between Congress and the National and Regional Elections which is due in 2025 and we must as a party, and then as a coalition start the process now to regain the Presidency of this dear land of ours in 2025.”

“I have traveled to many communities across Guyana and met with party comrades and supporters of the coalition who are demanding an approach that not only holds the People’s Progressive Party accountable but also an approach that imbues hope in the hearts and minds of Guyanese throughout the length and breadth of Guyana. An approach that shows unity, strength, collectivism, integrity and patriotism as we work together to build our strong future together,” Forde declared.

He called on the PNCR to Regroup, Refocus and Rebuild the organization, which he said “is a crucial aspect of our party’s political endeavor not just as a political strategy, but as a testament to our collective strength and resilience as a party.”

Forde acknowledged that the party faced “a myriad of challenges both internally and externally. And our party is not exempted from challenges. However, it is during challenging times and moments of uncertainty that we must refocus our energies and realign our priorities.”

“Refocusing for us means recommitting ourselves to the core values and principles that bind and keep us together. It means putting one's personal agenda and ego aside for the greater good of the party and the people of our nation. It means constantly engaging in constructive dialogue, actively listening to diverse perspectives, and always finding common ground to move forward,” Forde pointed out.

“Having set the course of regrouping & refocusing, Forde noted that “ it is abundantly clear that we must make a collective effort to rebuild our party ... .which through commitment, unity and dedication, the PNCR can emerge stronger than ever before, Forde declared.

“In rebuilding we must rededicate ourselves to the principles that have always been the bedrock of our party, the principles of fairness, equity, equality, and justice for all. We must roll up our sleeves and get to work in rebuilding trust and confidence among our members and supporters, engaging those communities that feel marginalized or forgotten. Join me as we work together to Unite the PNC and Rally the Coalition to Victory in 2025,” Forde concluded.



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