JAMAICA | The PNP Remembers "Bad Friday" the Coral Gardens Massacre

JAMAICA | The PNP Remembers "Bad Friday" the Coral Gardens Massacre

KINGSTON, Jamaica. March 29, 2024: As we solemnly observe the sanctity of Good Friday in reverent reflection on the ultimate sacrifice that the Easter season brings; we are reminded that the spirit of the decisions and choices enacted in any era and shared as accounts through the ages, often become part of shared human history. They are the lessons, cues and clues to understand the present and make projections for the future.  

A statement from the People's National Party (PNP) spokesperson on Culture, Dr. Deborah Hickling Gordon said "In the spirit of redemption characteristic of the season, as Jamaicans, our hearts are also heavy with the memory of a day that stains our nation's conscience: known as ‘Bad Friday,’ the Coral Gardens Massacre.

"On this day in 1963, the lives of our Rastafarian brothers and sisters were forcibly disrupted and innumerable brutally taken, leaving scars that trigger painful memories until this day."

She pointed out that "the Coral Gardens Massacre stands as a testament to the darkest depths of human cruelty and injustice. It serves as a chilling reminder of the consequences of intolerance and persecution in any form.

"The wounds inflicted on that fateful day run deep, impacting not only the victims and their families but resonating throughout our entire society for generations.

"With this in mind and as we reflect on this painful chapter, the People’s National Party reaffirms our commitment to stand against persecution.

We cannot allow the shadows of the past to obscure our vision for a more just and equitable society. We owe it to the memory of those who perished and to future generations to ensure that such atrocities are never repeated.

"In the words of Marcus Garvey, "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots."

"As we navigate the complexities of our history, let us heed the lessons of Coral Gardens with the insight of overstanding, and strive to build a nation where all individuals are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. 

"Let us honour the memory of the victims of the Coral Gardens Massacre by learning from the past, confronting the present, and shaping a future where all Jamaicans can flourish.

"We must confront our past with honesty and humility, acknowledging the deep wounds inflicted and working tirelessly to heal them As we reflect on this significant, most reverend Friday, let us recommit ourselves to the pursuit of truth, justice, and reconciliation.

"I wish for all Jamaicans a peaceful, blessed, reflective, safe and enjoyable Easter Season as we celebrate our rich and unique diversity as a people."



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