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Fulton files $25m Suit against RADA for breach of contract

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  • Published in Justice
Featured Formern Chief Executive Officer of RADA Lenworth Fulton (file photo) Formern Chief Executive Officer of RADA Lenworth Fulton (file photo)
KINGSTON, August 30, 2016 - Former Chief Executive Officer of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, RADA, Lenworth Fulton, has filed a claim in the Supreme Court against RADA and its Chairman Genille Attalla for wrongful termination of his contract.

The claim, filed by the firm Knight, Junor and Samuels on August 3, is seeking remedy for damages as a result of a breach of contract, a declaration that he was wrongfully terminated, and a demand for all monetary benefits that were due to him under his contract.

Fulton maintains that his termination was as a result of political victimisation, due to a change in the government.

Mr Fulton further claims that the letter terminating his service, was invalid, as it was signed by Ms Atalla who was not yet appointed head of the Board.

The former RADA CEO is seeking nearly $25M for lost salary and benefits which were due by contract as of May 20 when he was summarily dismissed.

Fulton, who received national honours as a career civil servant for service to Agriculture and Youth for some 27 years, was head of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs for 12 years prior to his appointment as CEO of RADA in May 2013.

He also spent seven years at the College of Agriculture Jamaica foundation as farm Manager for the Spring Garden farm in Portland.

Only recently, Dr. Mark Richards was fired by the Agriculture Ministry as head of the National Irrigation Commission although he was permanently employed.

It is alleged that Richard's firing was also politically motivated.