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GUYANA | James Bond to be questioned again on Monday, released on $200,000 bail.

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Featured Attorney and PNC Reform Member, James Bond on $200,000 bail Attorney and PNC Reform Member, James Bond on $200,000 bail
GEORGETOWN, Guyanas, November 29, 2020 - Having been released Friday on GYD$200,000 station bail after 72 hours in custody, attorney-at-Law and PNCR member James Bond is scheduled to undergo another round of questioning on Monday morning in relation to NICIL land deals his lawyer Patrice Henry said.

Bond has been ordered to return to the Police Criminal Investigations Department headquarters on Monday for further questioning.

Bond's attorney Patrice Henry expressed concern that the police had detained Mr. Bond overnight without any questioning on Thursday.

“Ironically he was not contacted by the investigators for the entire day. The plan is to delay his investigation…Steps will be taken to address this flagrant violation of his fundamental and constitutional rights,” he said.

Bond has consistently denied Bond denied ever receiving millions of dollars in connection with the leasing of lands from the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited.

“I have never received any $220 million or any $120 million from those men and if the Police want to do a proper investigation, then let them do a proper investigation and let them investigate my side of the story,”he declared.

The investigation was triggered by Attorney General Anil Nandlall who claims that the land deals were illegal. He said state lands were leased by NICIL at low prices and flipped to investors to be sold for millions of dollars.

Police are probing the lease of lands to several entities by NICIL, saying that the law prohibits sub-leasing.

The now fired acting Head of NICIL, Colvin Heath-London is among several persons questioned so far.

Nigel Hughes3 350 Attorney-at-law C. A.Nigel HughesAttorney-at-Law, C. A. Nigel Hughes who represents Mr. Heath London, in a media release on Saturday, indicated that “there is no law or regulation which requires any State owned company or corporate entity to require written permission before any interest in the land is transferred by a Lessee (tenant).

“The NICIL lands (Immovable property) subject to the present ongoing Police investigations were held by transport by NICIL There is no condition or covenant in the transport which required that written permission be obtained from NICIL or anyone else before a Lessee (tenant) transferred any interest to a third party.

“NICIL entered into leases with various entities which expressly conferred on the lessee the right to transfer their interest without the written permission of NICIL. It also entered into leases with various persons which either required their permission to transfer to a third party and some which did not contain that provision,” he stated.

“There is no law which requires state corporations or state companies to include in any lease of property held by transport by them, a provision that the written permission of NICIL be first obtained,” Hughes Declared.

In a clear response to the allegation by Attorney General Anil Nandlall who claimed that state lands were leased by NICIL at low prices and flipped to investors to be sold for millions of dollars, Hughes said "when the lessee (tenant) entered into an agreement with a third party to “sell” their interest in the lease, they could only “sell” or dispose of what they had obtained from NICIL which is the remainder ( remaining time) of the For example they could not pass transport of the property to a third party because they did not own the transport. NICIL remains the owners by transport of all the properties under investigation."

"When the Lessee “sold” their interest the new Lessee (tenant) would still have to pay NICIL the rent due under the original lease agreement so the State nor NICIL has lost no income as every subsequent Lessee (tenant) is obliged to pay NICIL the same commercial rental rates for the property as the original tenant," Hughes informed.

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