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Cuba to assist in Jamaica’s Ebola preparedness

Featured Dalila Martínez, nurse coach of Cuban medical personnel who leave for Sierra Leone. Photo: Ladyrene Pérez / CubaDebate. Dalila Martínez, nurse coach of Cuban medical personnel who leave for Sierra Leone. Photo: Ladyrene Pérez / CubaDebate.
MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica October 18, 2014 – Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson is expected to lead a team of health professionals to Cuba to seek assistance from that country in its Ebola preparedness plans.

This follows recent discussions between both countries regarding help with our preparations, and specifically, the training of our health care professionals, coordinators, and first-responders.

Cuba leads the battle against Ebola in Africa and on Friday,  American Secretary of State, John Kerry, in expressing his gratitude, stressed the role of that country has been playing  in the fight against the Ebola virus. "Cuba, a country of just 11 million, has sent 165 health professionals and plans to send about 300 more," said the secretary of state.

ebola-africa-828Cuba is in the process of training in excess of 400 additional health care workers at its Institute of Tropical Medicine “Pedro Khouri”(IPK) in Havana for the campaign against the Ebola virus in Africa.

The Health care worker gets "intensive" "rigorous" biosecurity training in theoretical and practical training at the institute in symptoms of the disease, surveillance measures as well as the risks of emerging diseases.

They also get training on issues such as biosecurity, viral haemorrhagic diseases, health promotion, specific treatments and experimental. They will also become familiar with isolation suits and work in a field hospital.

An important part of the training is familiarization with personal protective equipment, which is said to be one hundred per cent safe if used in the right way; if placed on the body in the correct order, and if they are removed in the correct order.

Only recently, 165 Cuban health professionals arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone to join the international campaign to contain and treat Ebola. The group was the largest contingent to arrive from any foreign country, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

After receiving training to deal with the virus, approximately 296 Cuban doctors and nurses will be dispatched to Liberia and Guinea.

Cuba pledged 300 more doctors and nurses to battle the Ebola epidemic in West Africa on Friday. With a staff of over 460 Ebola specialists, Cuba will by far have the largest foreign medical team combating the disease in West Africa.

The new batch of Ebola specialists are undergoing intensive training, said head of the Cuban medical relief agency, Regla Angulo. They will be sent to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Cuba, which has about 50,000 health workers stationed across the world, received accolades from the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) for its effort against Ebola, last week, when it already had the largest foreign medical team fighting the killer virus in West Africa, consisting of 62 doctors and 103 nurses. 


Last modified onSaturday, 18 October 2014 12:51