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Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth killed in plane crash

Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth
GRAND BAHAMA, Bahamas, Sunday November 10, 2014 - Bahamian officials are reporting that a Lear 36 excutive jet carrying nine people including Faith Ministries International leader Dr. Myles Munroe, crashed Sunday on approach to the island of Grand Bahama.

According to the Associated Press, “it crashed about 5 p.m. local time Sunday while attempting to land at Grand Bahama International Airport.” Preliminary reports indicate that the plane was flying low due to poor weather and hit a crane on its approach to the airport.

The Bahamas Tribune is also reporting that Munroe’s wife, Ruth, was among the victims. The passengers travelling on the executive jet were reportedly on the way to a Faith Ministries conference in Grand Bahama. A message was posted to the Myles Munroe International Favebook page indicating that the Global Leadership Forum would continue.

Prime Minister Perry Christie says the late Dr Myles Munroe, leader of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship, was the conscience of the nation. 

The statement was published shortly after news broke on Sunday that Munroe, his wife and six others including senior vice-president of Bahamas Faith Ministries and pastor, Richard Pinder, were killed when their plane crashed in Grand Bahama. 

Christie said he was “shocked and saddened by the sudden and tragic passing of Rev Dr Myles Munroe, his wife and seven other people”. 

Munroe, 60, an internationally known author, bible teacher, governmental consultant and leadership mentor, was heading to the 2014 Global Leadership Forum in Grand Bahama. 

“It is utterly impossible to measure the magnitude of Dr Munroe’s loss to The Bahamas and to the world. He was indisputably one of the most globally recognisable religious figures our nation has ever produced,” the Prime Minister said. 

He noted that Munroe’s fame as an ambassador for the Christian ministry preceded him wherever in the world he travelled. 

The Prime Minister also referred to the late leader as “a towering force who earned the respect and admiration not only of Christian adherents but of secular leaders both here at home and around the world”. 

“He was regarded by a great many persons as the Conscience of The Nation. Certainly, he was among the most defining and influential spiritual leaders of the modern Bahamas and, I daresay, of the wider world of Christian evangelism as well.” 

He said although he disagreed with Munroe on some matters, he regarded him as both a personal friend and spiritual mentor. 

“I leaned on his counsel in a number of important matters, most recently in the consultations with religious leaders on the pending constitutional bills, a process in which he took an enthusiastic and constructive part, helping even to re-draft one of the bills that had met with a great deal of public controversy,” Christie added. 

The Bahamas Ministry of Transport and Aviation reported that the Lear 36 executive jet departed the Lynden Pindling International airport in Nassau shortly after 4pm on Sunday for the Grand Bahama International airport. 

The plane crashed while making an approach for landing, one hour later. 

A full investigation into the cause of the crash is expected to begin on Monday. 

The tragedy occurred as people were gathering in Grand Bahama for Monroe’s 2014 Global Leadership forum. 

The forum is scheduled to continue as planned.

Last modified onTuesday, 11 November 2014 00:43