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JAMAICA | Dr. Peter Phillips requests conference to elect new PNP Leader

Featured President of the Peoples National Party Dr. Peter Phillips President of the Peoples National Party Dr. Peter Phillips
KINGSTON, September 4, 2020 – Peoples National Party (PNP) President Dr. Peter Phillips says he has written to party chairman Mr. Fitz Jackson indicating plans for his resignation as party president and opposition leader.

Phillips told a press brief press conference this morning, that his missive to the party chairman has asked for arrangements to be made to select a new head in light of the massive loss by the party at the polls yesterday.

Dr. Phillips said tendering his resignation was the right thing to do.

"As is now recognised, the result of the general election held yesterday... have been very unfavourable to the People's National Party.  As in all undertakings such as this, the ultimate responsibility must rest with the leader of the party," said Dr Phillips.

"Accordingly I considered it my duty to demit office as the president of the party and I have written to the chairman... to ask that the National Executive Council, and the executive of the party, make the necessary arrangements,  as soon as is practicable, to make the necessary arrangements to elect a new leader of the party," said Dr Phillips, who led the PNP to a crushing 49-14 defeat yesterday.

Dr Phillips thanked all those who voted for the PNP, those who worked on its campaign, and others who supported the party as he noted that the party has many lessons to learn from the defeat.

Prior to the holding of the polls, Dr. Phillips told the media in an interview that if he lost the elections, he would be stepping down from the leadership of the PNP and would be retiring from politics.


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