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JAMAICA | Mottley wants Johnson-Smith to name the perpetrator

  • Written by wiredja.com news team
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Featured Opposition Spokesperson on Gender Affairs and Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Senate, Donna Scott-Mottley Opposition Spokesperson on Gender Affairs and Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Senate, Donna Scott-Mottley
KINGSTON,  April 26, 2021 - Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Donna Scott-Mottley, wants  Government Senator Kamina Johnson Smith to immediately call the name of the opposition senator whom she says has been stalking her by sending threatening e-mails.

In  2014 while on the Opposition benches,  Mrs. Johnson-Smith claimed to have received  e-mail threats  from a colleague across the floor, however the matter was not pursued.

kamina johnson smith 460Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Kamina Johnson-SmithAccording to Johnson Smith, she received e-mails from the perpetrator, who was a Cabinet minister at the time, threatening her. She notified the police and it was investigated. She said  the name and information of the person was revealed to her, but she did not make the matter public, as she was concerned about the effect of the revelation at that time.

“I think about the fact that there was a member, a colleague of yours on that side (Opposition) who had started to send me harassing e-mails, who I had to report to the police. I was even advised [by the police] to stop running [in the mornings] for a period of time,” she said.

The following is the full text of the statement by Senator Donna Scott- Mottley:

"Leader of Government Business in the Senate has declared that some years ago she was harassed by emails by an Opposition Senator and that she had reported the matter to the police. 

Two issues arise. Firstly, the Opposition is of the firm view that any allegation of harassment against women must be pursued as a matter of course.

Second, the public must have confidence in the truth of this claim that is being made about things that are said to have occurred years ago, and coming at the end of a debate in which the government was on the defensive.

There is only one way of bringing closure to both issues, that is, for the claimed harassment emails to be produced for examination. 

The Opposition therefore calls upon the Senator to forthwith produce the emails which must certainly be in her possession or in the hands of the police, as she has said."

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