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JAMAICA | Patriots want Forensic audit of Education Ministry

  • Written by wiredja.com - News Team
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KINGSTON, Jamaica, March 28, 2019: The young professional arm of the People’s National Party – The Patriots, is calling for a forensic audit of the accounts of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information in relation to the twenty million ($20M) dollars donated to Jamaica College (JC).

In a statement  today, the Patriots said "it befuddles the mind that it has now surfaced, after public outcry that the missing $20M donated in February to the track development programme at JC, is still sitting in an account at the Education Ministry. It strains credibility that a Ministry could provide a brief to the Prime Minister causing him to make a false and misleading public announcement without any consequence to the Ministry officials."

What is worse, the Patriots said, is that it has taken five weeks to correct this misleading information and only after JC officials strenuously denied receiving the money from the Ministry.

It deepens the curiosity that the Permanent Secretary, who is the chief accounting officer in the Ministry, did not provide any clarifying comments on the matter, fueling much of the speculation that the funds have been misappropriated.

The Patriots insist that  "the Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Grace McLean, who has also been implicated in some of the allegations of nepotism and impropriety between MOEYI and the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), should immediately recuse herself from the investigative processes, which are underway to uncover the scale of corruption that existed under the stewardship of former Education Minister Ruel Reid."

The PNP affiliate wants to know, what is the source of the $20M donation to JC for the development of its sports complex? Were similar donations made to other institutions which embarked on or are in the process of developing a similar complex? Jamaica College, it appears, has done nothing wrong, but might be inadvertently caught in the cobweb of corruption at the MOEYI and CMU.

The public’s confidence can only be restored when there’s a full explanation of and accounting for the $20M, and the transparent process utilized in determining the donation to Jamaica College.


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