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JAMAICA | PNP Refutes Holness accusation of confrontation

  • Written by Wiredja News Desk
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Featured JAMAICA | PNP Refutes Holness accusation of confrontation
KINGSTON, JAMAICA, August 19, 2020: The People’s National Party (PNP) is rejecting as baseless the assertion by Prime Minister Andrew Holness that the Party is pushing a strategy of confrontation in the ongoing election campaign.  

General Secretary, Mr. Julian Robinson said from all the reports available to the Party, the nominating exercises of all its candidates were peaceful, festive, and non-confrontational, and there is no evidence to support the absurd claim by the Prime Minister.

He said the incident on which the Prime Minister drew his reference, occurred in Rocky Settlement in South-East Clarendon, which is currently under investigation by the police; but the police have already stated that they are unable to conclusively establish a political motive in connection with the incident. 

Additionally, the Political Ombudsman has stated her preliminary enquiries have not disclosed a political motive. In the face of these assertions by these independent authorities, it is particularly egregious and unbecoming for the Prime Minister to make such a patently false and inflammatory allegation. 

This incendiary and irresponsible assertion by the Prime Minister will only serve to heighten political tensions in the constituency and is a most unfortunate and unwelcomed development. 

The PNP noted that the Party’s candidate, Ms. Patricia Duncan-Sutherland, has correctly condemned the incident as a reprehensible criminal act which has no place in the constituency or our politics. 

She has urged the police to act swiftly in their investigation to bring those responsible to justice and has also expressed the Party’s condolences to the family.

Over many years, the PNP, along with other stakeholders, have successfully reduced political hostility and confrontation in Jamaica and ushered in a politics of peaceful coexistence and respect.  The People’s National Party remains resolutely committed to a politics of non-confrontation and will ensure that the rest of the 2020 campaign is conducted in a peaceful environment.

The Prime Minister, with his latest assertion, seems to be ignoring the stated position of the competent State agencies and the process of investigation and reliance on facts and is attributing blame and motive to the PNP to gain political sympathy as a cover for his government’s failure to excite the electorate.

“In the practice of their democratic right to advocate for a government of their choice, no one should have to face violence in any shape or form, this is not our way,” the PNP General Secretary said.


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