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JAMAICA | PNP's Wealth Plan to benefit 360-thousand households

Featured PNP vice president and chairman of the Manifesto committee, Damion Crawford PNP vice president and chairman of the Manifesto committee, Damion Crawford
KINGSTON, Jamaica, August 27, 2020: The People’s National Party (PNP) says with the economic fallout from the worsening coronavirus crisis, the majority of Jamaicans will need urgent help to address the harsh and fast deteriorating financial realities which are ahead.

The WEALTHY Plan, which is a part of the Party’s Manifesto, is a direct deposit of necessary assistance into some 370,000 households, impacting the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable Jamaicans.

The PNP will ensure that basic amenities, including utilities, are accessible without putting additional strain on households, many of which would have seen significantly reduced incomes.

According to PNP vice president and chairman of the Manifesto committee, Damion Crawford, the new PNP government will make the transformative shifts required to ensure affordable Water, Electricity, Internet, and Home Improvement for each household.

“Based on the impact of COVID-19, shocks to employment and loss of income for many households, we believe it is necessary to boost the Quality of Living for the people of Jamaica,” he told reporters at a digital press conference today.

The intervention will deliver an amount of $3,000 on all JPS residential accounts and $1,000 on the accounts of the National Water Commission (NWC) residential customers.

Mark Golding, PNP spokesman on finance, who also addressed the press conference said a Quality Living Grant of $400,000 per qualified household would be made available to some 10,000 families, which will allow them to improve their standard of living by improving their physical living spaces and housing stock.

This grant will provide proper bathroom facilities for some families, especially those in innercity or rural communities.

 “Each year, 10,000 homeowners will qualify for this benefit, based on need through the NHT. The grant covers home improvements and connections to the grid, which are about $80,000. The aid on utilities addresses both the economically vulnerable and also serves to indirectly reduce the cost of electricity to all by driving greater legitimate participation.

This is COVID Relief, and we will run this programme for at least 12 months while our country recovers,” Mr Crawford said.


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