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JAMAICA | PNP Wants Extratition of those in Petrojam Report

  • Written by Calvin G Brown - wiredja.com
  • Published in local news
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KINGSTON, JAMAICA, July 1, 2020: The People’s National Party (PNP) is calling for the expeditious and persistent pursuit of those referred to prosecutorial agencies by the Integrity Commission in its report on the plunder of PetroJam, whether domiciled in Jamaica or overseas.

In this regard, the Party is calling on the relevant agencies to use the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) to request, if necessary, the extradition of those accused who reside in overseas jurisdictions.

 “Let the chips fall where they may; this government has been operating as if taxpayers’ money is their personal funds to do with as they please, while critical public services such as the police force, the public hospitals and too many of our schools cannot find basic resources to improve the quality of service to our people,” PNP general secretary and Shadow Minister of Technology Julian Robinson said.

The report on the nation’s sole oil refinery recites a litany of scandalous, nepotistic, corrupt, and criminal behaviour as well as monumental administrative breaches by the former Minister and fifteen other appointees, functionaries and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) activists, who are accused of weaving a massive and intricate web of corruption, according to the 215-page Integrity Commission report.

In addition, the Commission said Dr. Wheatly was less than truthful and dishonest in his representations to the Commission and sought to mislead and in fact, did mislead the Commission during the investigation.

The PNP said it noted that several big-ticket items, including the perimeter wall, the improper use of the emergency and direct contract facility in breach of the government’s procurement guidelines, and the Vacuum Distillation Unit Project (VDU) were not mentioned in the report, and expressed the hope that the Commission will be able to examine those important issues and provide additional information to the public.

The General Secretary also said the Party was disappointed in the Prime Minister’s appointment of Mr. Ike Johnson to the Chris Zacca led Petrojam Review Committee when he should have known that Mr. Johnson was involved in aspects of decision-making at PetroJam under the former Minister. 

The Party calls on the Prime Minister to ensure that appropriate legislative, regulatory and policy changes, as well as changes recommended by the Integrity Committee, are implemented forthwith, to ensure there is no repetition of the scandalous behaviour by so many in the political and state apparatus in the shameful behaviour at Petrojam.



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