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JLP councillor cross floor in St. Elizabeth PC to join PNP

  • Written by News Jamaica
  • Published in local news
Featured Councillor for the Southfield Division Gregory Myers says he remains committed to all the people of Southfield. Councillor for the Southfield Division Gregory Myers says he remains committed to all the people of Southfield.
BLACK RIVER, St Elizabeth May 15, 2015—Councillor for the Southfield Division Gregory Myers formally switched sides yesterday after he crossed the floor at a meeting of the St. Elizabeth Parish Council to join the ruling Peoples National Party, (PNP).

The switch increased the PNP's majority in the St Elizabeth Parish Council to 10-5 over the JLP.

Myers won the Southfield Division in the local government elections of 2012, replacing his father Shirley Myers who had served for 26 years.

At yesterday’s meeting of the parish council, Myers came under heavy fire from the minority leader Jeremy Palmer, JLP councillor for the Pedro Plains Division and a former mayor of Black River.

"The people of Top Hill, Southfield and all the other areas, (including) my wife and I have been double-crossed, because we voted early and faithfully for him (Myers), but not as a PNP councillor," said Palmer.

Myers told Councillors that "my decision to cross the floor today was thoroughly contemplated and went through consultations with several stakeholders..."

"I can say my decision was not a light one. This is not a divorce from the people, but a way to serve the people in a setting that provides collaboration and growth. My intent is in no way malicious, as people relationships and community are always at the heart of my daily interaction..."

Mayor of Black River and chairman of the parish council Everton Fisher welcomed Myers to the PNP on behalf of the ruling party and its hierarchy. But he also took the opportunity to emphasise that as far as he was concerned the "cordial relationship" between the two sides in the council would not be undermined.

"I will continue to act fairly and impartially; as chairman of the council, I must act fairly and impartially. This crossing over is no signal that I will differ from that," declared the mayor.

In the March 2012 Local Government Elections, Gregory Myers defeated the PNP's Lilieth Clacken by 318 votes to retain Southfield for the JLP.

Two months ago, Myers was defeated in a delegate selection by businessman Albert Williams as the JLP's divisional chairman and standard-bearer for Southfield.

Myers has insisted that his rejection by delegates was just the "final nail in the box" leading to his decision to quit the JLP. Myers cited "lack of respect" and an absence of support for his divisional representation by the JLP as the real reasons for his departure.