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RJR poll shows parties in statistical dead heat!

  • Written by News Jamaica source: RJR
  • Published in local news
Featured RJR poll shows parties in statistical dead heat!
The governing People’s National Party (PNP) and the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) are locked in a near dead heat, according to the latest Don Anderson poll, commissioned by the RJR Communications Group.

Party StandingIn the poll, conducted during the period June 15-30, 26% of likely voters say they intend to vote for the JLP in the next general election. This is just one point ahead of the 25% who say they intend to vote for the PNP.

When the same question was asked in the last Don Anderson poll, in November, 2014, 25% of likely voters said they would vote for the JLP and only 17% said they would vote PNP.

Support for the PNP has therefore jumped by eight points, while the JLP’s support has increased by only one percent over the intervening months.

In the actual voting in the last general election  - December, 29, 2011 - 28% of the electorate voted for the PNP and 24% voted for the JLP, while 48% did not vote.

In the June poll, 47% of the respondents said they did not intend to vote in the next general election. That’s down from the 58% who said they would not vote, when they were asked the same question last November.

Among those who said they will not vote, 25% said they were “just no interested in politics,” while 22% said there was no difference between the two parties.

Another 18% said politics was too corrupt, and 16% answered that they were “tired of the same thing.” Fourteen per cent of the respondents said “politicians are all for themselves,” and 12% said they had not benefited from either party.

Only six per cent said they did not know which party to vote for, and three per cent said it was “too early to tell.”

Rating the parties

In another poll, respondents were asked to rate the performance of the respective parties. Twenty-four per cent gave the JLP a positive rating, five points ahead of the 19 per cent who rated the PNP positively.

Significantly, the PNP has seen a 100 per cent jump in its positive rating, moving from 11 per cent in November 2014 to 22 per cent in the June, 2015 poll.

The JLP’s positive rating has moved up by only two per cent over the intervening months.