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ANTIGUA-Opposition denies involvement in banking scandals

  • Written by CMC
  • Published in Politics
Featured Opposition Leader Baldwin Spencer Opposition Leader Baldwin Spencer
ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, Jan. 5, CMC – The main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) has denied the involvement of opposition leader Baldwin Spencer and UPP political leader Harold Lovell in the Odebrecht and Meinl bank scandals.

“UPP officials categorically deny that either Spencer or Lovell were named or implicated in ay matter pertaining to Stanford, Odebrecht or any of their associations,” the party said in a release.

The statement was in response to a call from the ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party for Spencer, a former Prime Minister and Lovell, the former finance minister, to explain their roles in the banking that the ABLP claimed occurred under their stewardship while in government between 2004 to 2014.

According to the opposition party’s public relations officer, Senator Damani Tabor, the government is using “reverse psychology aimed at creating sensationalism to manipulate public perceptions about findings revealed in the Curitaba Brazil deposition and US court documents.”

The ruling party has questioned the role played by Spencer and Lovell in the international banking scandal surrounding R. Allen Stanford.

In response UPP officials said the scandal was a huge embarrassment for the country.

“However no one in the UPP was ever named or associated in the scandal,” the release added that it is “public knowledge that (Prime Minister) Gaston Browne and Molwyn Joseph each received $300,000 cheques from Stanford . In fact Spencer openly denounced Stanford’s overtures to provide $50 Million to develop infrastructure in the Grays Green community,” the opposition said.

The party went on to condemn the allegations, stating that they are being raised d five years after Stanford’s conviction.

“In fact the UPP Government fully cooperated with Federal officials throughout the investigative process.”

“The UPP also strongly objects to further allegations about the involvement of the former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in the Odebrecht and the Meinl Bank scandal. Again, there is no evidence linking these officials to the case, nor to the time period during which the illicit activities were alleged to have occurred.”harold-love

The UPP said   the “ allegations are spurious and have no real basis or credibility and are designed as part of a “cover up” to deflect international scrutiny that the Browne administration finds itself facing.

Last month, Browne announced the dismissal of an honorary consul as his administration continues its investigations into claims linking it to corrupt activities .

The ABLP said that it believes that Spencer, must have had discussions with Franca prior to appointing him as Honorary Consul.

The opposition party has now asked the Prime Minister to provide clarity on certain issues, including the nature of the businesses relationship with Ambassador Casroy Jones and Ambassador James and Luis Franca

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