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GUYANA | Death threat against Walton Desir could ignite historic racial strife

  • Written by wiredja.com news team
  • Published in Politics
Featured Opposition Member of Parliament Amanza Walton Desir Opposition Member of Parliament Amanza Walton Desir
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, May 4, 2021 - The targeting of Coalition Member of Parliament  Amanza Walton Desir by the ruling People’s Progressive Party has taken a new twist, with an alleged threat on her life by PPP member of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) Roshan Khan.

The Opposition MP last evening reported the alleged threat against her life to the police, and is expected to be interviewed by the Cyber Crimes police later today.

In a Facebook post yesterday, that has since been taken down, Roshan Khan who is also the owner of one of the largest security firms in Guyana, Khan called for Walton Desir to be "marked."

The post which has since been taken down said in part, “This sane woman,Amanza, must be exposed and marked, yes, marked, people of Guyana as we must be careful, she must be known, never forget her face, and her warlord hater and her sponsors David Hinds and traitor Ramjattan who hates indians…..”

Mrs Walton Desir in a statement said “I came across the post of Mr. Khan complete with my image. He was calling for me to be marked. His post has caused me to fear for my life since in Guyana the word “marked'' has a connotation of a threat on one's life.”

Guyanese commentator Rickford Burke reminded that “In 2006, PPP leaders attacked African rights activist and journalists, Ronald Waddell, and also called for him to be "marked." Shortly thereafter PPP phantom death squad members shot and killed Waddell as he left his home.” The US Justice Department presented evidence in court providing that PPP dead squad members then called then PPP Minister of Health, Leslie Ramsammy, to report that Waddle was shot as planned and was being taken to Georgetown.

According to Kaieteur News report of January 13, 2010 “The evidence given in a US Court had  linked Roger Khan and his ‘Phantom Gang’ to the killing of Ronald Waddell. Selwyn Vaughn, a  self-confessed former member of the ‘Phantom Squad’, testified that Khan ordered the execution of Ronald Waddell, an anti-Government talk-show host, at his home in Subryanville.

The Coalition APNU/AFC MP has become the target of the PPP administration for vilification, as Walton Desir  has become one of the few credible voices in and outside of Parliament against the government and its policies.

The latest salvo came following an interview Dr. David Hinds,  when the attorney-at-law  opined that the PPP capitalizes on citizens who are "intellectually lazy," as they easily accept and repeat PPP misinformation without taking the time to verify whether that information is factual.

In their effort to neutralize her, the PPP then seized the opportunity to launch an all out attack against Walton Desir accusing her of saying East Indians are "intellectually lazy"  and painting a picture of the APNU/AFC MP as a racist of whom their supporters should be deathly afraid. 

It is feared that the PPP strategy could very well reignite the glowing embers of  racial conflict between blacks and Indians in Guyana which, at the moment  is at best fragile.

The Guyanese racial divide  began in the sixties as a result of political intervention by the United States Government  which funded covert action programs" in Guyana (between 1962-1968) and which saw  Black Guyanese being set against Indo Guyanese.

According to US State Department archival documents $2.08 million was spent on "covert action programs" in Guyana between 1962-1968, which left nearly 200 Guyanese dead and thousands affected.

Washington used the money to fund splinter and opposition groups challenging then premier Cheddi Jagan, who had developed close ties to Cuba's Fidel Castro.

The CIA and AFL-CIO were on the ground using the money to  allegedly incite racially charged strikes and riots which despite independence, has created a racially divided nation and today continue to threaten the stability of the  Guyanese nation.

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