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GUYANA Threatened With Isolation by Western Diplomats if They Don't Agree With Election Results

Featured The American, British, Canadian and EU Diplomatic Representatives walked out of the tabulation of votes for Region 4 this morning following more complaints by the PPP The American, British, Canadian and EU Diplomatic Representatives walked out of the tabulation of votes for Region 4 this morning following more complaints by the PPP
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, March 13, 2020 - Diplomatic Representatives for the United States, Britain, Canada and the European Union on Friday walked out of the Region Four vote tabulation process, issuing a stern warning that Guyana risks isolation if a President is sworn-in upon what they consider as questionable results.

“We must be clear that in the absence of a credible process, as directed by the Honorable Chief Justice, it is our view that any results for Region 4 which will impact the overall results of the  March 2 elections will not be credible and a President sworn in on the basis of those results will not be considered legitimate," the statement said.

When Returning Officer for Region 4 Clairmont Mingo started tabulating the votes this morning, he announced that he will be doing the tabulation by statements of poll, instead of the spreadsheet process as requested by the Opposition PPP.

Mingo indicated that he would be starting the process from the top. However, there were objections to that since over 400 statements had already been completed.

When the tabulation process eventually got underway, the Opposition PPP complained that its numbers were not matching the numbers of the original SoP being used by GECOM. There were loud objections by the PPP representatives and representatives of some of the small parties.

That led to a noisy atmosphere but the Returning Officer and his Clerk continued to do their tabulation job above the noise. It was at this stage that the western diplomats exited the counting centre and crafted a threatening statement to the Guyana Elections Commission and the government of Guyana.

"We are all long-standing friends of Guyana whose countries have supported its development over many decades. The betterment of Guyana and its people has always been our interest. In that spirit we urge all parties to not do anything which could lead to Guyana’s isolation,” the ambassadors said in a joint statement.

Ambassador of the United States of America Sarah-Ann Lynch; British High Commissioner, Greg Quinn; Canadian High Commissioner, Lilian Chatterjee, and the Ambassador of the European Union, Fernando Ponz-Canto said they decided to leave the Region 4 tabulation process Friday morning “as it was clear that a transparent and credible process was not put in place by the responsible officials.”

Chief Justice, Roxane George-Wiltshire again today confirmed that her ruling on Wednesaday among other things, meant that the Statements of Poll must be shown to all authorized persons who would be present during the vote tabulation process. Her also decision vitiated the first Region Four declaration resulting in a return to the process.


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