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GUYANA VOTES| 588 boxes re-counted up to day 12, Voter Fraud revealed by APNU+AFC

  • Written by Calvin G Brown - wiredja.com
  • Published in Politics
Featured APNU+AFC Executive member Aubrey Norton outlining voter irregularities discovered in the recount exercise. APNU+AFC Executive member Aubrey Norton outlining voter irregularities discovered in the recount exercise.
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, May 18, 2020 - The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) says at the end of count on Sunday evening or day twelve of the national recount, a total of 60 ballot boxes were completed, bringing to 588, the total number of boxes counted to date.

Day twelve of the recount saw 13 boxes being processed in Region Two, 15 in Region Three, 14 in Region Four and another 18 in Region Five.

The tabulation of 543 Statements of Recount (SOR) for the General Elections and 501 for the Regional, were recorded.

To date, GECOM has been able to tally 588 ballot boxes since it began the recount process on May 6.

GrangerACCC 460On Sunday, President David Granger visited the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC), where he engaged GECOM executives and the 3-member CARICOM team.

President Granger’s visit to the centre where more than 400,000 votes are being recounted came one day after APNU executives said there is no law for results of this recount to be accepted by GECOM to declare results of the March 2, 2020 general elections.

Instead, they said GECOM needs to use the legal 10 declarations by the regional returning officers to declare the long overdue results after which aggrieved parties can challenge them through an elections petition.

The Head of State noted that there are changes which need to be made to Guyana’s election system to prevent the occurrence of a prolonged process to a result.

He also reiterated that his government stands ready to accept the final declaration of GECOM after the national recount of the March 2, 2020, General and Regional Elections is completed.

The gazetted recount order provides for the politically-divided GECOM to decide on whether the Chief Elections Officer should use the data to submit a report to the Commission for the declaration of the results.

The opposition People’s Progressive Party is maintaining that the recount must be used to declare the results, but APNU+AFC executives have said they are merely to uncover fraud and determine the credibility of the elections.

President David Granger said he was pleased to witness the recount process at the various workstations yesterday.

Voting Irregularities

In the meantime, Executive Member of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Aubrey Norton on Sunday afternoon, disclosed several anomalies emanating from the ongoing national recount.

Providing a preliminary review of what occurred during Region One’s operations, Norton said 45 out of the 89 boxes counted, can be linked to the illegality which his party has been speaking of.

He told the media that those boxes account for some 4,673 votes which constitute 39 percent.

“Out of the 89 ballot boxes, 26 polling books could not be found. What that means is that in large measure you could not verify what happened, because the polling book which is the record or the bible of an election, 26 of them were missing.”

According to him, those 26 boxes amounted to 2,553 votes.

The APNU agent disclosed that 50 certificates of employments were issued. These documents are awarded by the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) and allow for someone to vote if they are working in a district where they do not reside.

Norton said only three of these certificates could be found in the ballot box and posited that there is a probability that the remaining 47 persons voted but were not supposed to.

“Because if you were entitled and you had a certificate of employment that should have been in the box and there are not there,” he reasoned.

He spoke of another instance where the only verification document in box 1045 was the Official List of Electors (OLE).

Adding to the anomalies, Norton disclosed that 30 oaths of identity were missing from boxes 1046, 1055, 1059, 1073 among others.

He said the Coalition has put forward to the election body, a number of persons who are deceased but yet voted and 49 individuals who were out of the jurisdiction on election day, but their ballots were recorded in the district.

Meanwhile, in district three, Norton explained that following an analysis of the first 10 percent of boxes, 167 persons who also voted there, were not present on March 2.

Norton reiterated that there seems to be a calculated attempt to not put the six-digit stamp on votes perceived to be that of the Coalition. He pointed to an incident where 11 votes for the APNU+AFC in box 4152 had no stamp.

According to Norton, another example of fraud is the discovery of APNU+AFC votes in envelopes belonging to the Opposition PPP.

He believes that while there is a call for the recount process to accelerate, it is important for the ballots to be inspected thoroughly

The national recount continues today.


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