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JAMAICA | JLP welcomes decision by Councillor Kari Douglas

Kari Douglas - Councillor Trafalgar Division has crossed the floor to join the JLP Kari Douglas - Councillor Trafalgar Division has crossed the floor to join the JLP
KINGSTON, February 12, 2020 - Chairman of the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Robert Montague, says the JLP welcomes the decision by Councillor for the Trafalgar Division, Kari Douglas, to cross the floor of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Council (KSAMC) and join the ranks of the JLP.

Mr. Montague says it's always good and encouraging when citizens of Jamaica, are attracted by the JLP's vision of working hard towards prosperity for all.

Mr. Montague says Councillor Douglas is a talented Jamaican who has much to offer to the JLP and the country and applauds her as the first of a cohort which has indicated willingness to join the ranks of the JLP. 

JLP General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang is also welcoming Councillor Douglas.  Dr. Chang says it's instructive that Councillor Douglas in her statement noted that many of the younger cohort of the electorate are persuaded to assist Prime Minister Holness and the JLP in the vision to develop and execute policies that are beneficial to the people of Jamaica.

Dr Chang continued, “in spite of challenges and constant Scrutiny politics remains the highest form of public service and the JLP respects and welcomes young Jamaicans who wish to work within our Party to provide public service to Jamaica.”

In its response, the People's National Party (PNP)  in a release says it has "taken note of the decision by Kari Douglas, Councillor in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation, to cross the floor.

The Party is already well advanced in confirming its new candidate for the Trafalgar Division and is committed to retaining the seat in the next Local Government elections.

The Party wishes Ms. Douglas well as she embarks on a new phase of her political journey."

Speaking on Wednesday on Power 106 Morning Agenda, Douglas said  prior to being approached recently by the JLP to become a member,  she was contemplating leaving representational politics.

"I think that may have come about because persons got information that I was not going to have any involvement in representational politics subsequent to this term and they felt that I had so much more to offer, so much more to contribute to the national landscape, and so I was engaged and encouraged that I should be recruited by them," Douglas told the Morning Agenda.

Douglas said it is likely she would have remained in the PNP if Peter Bunting had been successful in last year's leadership challenge, however, that would not have fixed many of the challenges within the party.

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