JAMAICA | Move to CCJ and Republic Status Should be done Together says Golding

JAMAICA | Move to CCJ and Republic Status Should be done Together says Golding

KINGSTON, Jamaica January 11, 2022 - Opposition Leader Mark Golding has again written to Legal and Constitutional Affairs Minister Marlene, Malahoo-Forte, emphasizing the need for Jamaica to address both the move towards being a republic and to accede to the CCJ as the country’s final court of appeal, as equally important.

In his letter dated January 10, the Opposition Leader pointed out that he  “considered that the move to make Jamaica a republic ought to walk in tandem with the move to accede to the CCJ as our final court of appeal.”

According to Mr. Golding, “the processes for our departure from both vestiges of our colonial past ought to commence simultaneously, with a commitment to achieving Jamaica's final decolonization by completing both processes as expeditiously as practicable.”

“The expansion of our people's access to their final court of appeal is a practical benefit of utmost importance to be derived from this constitutional reform, not to be further delayed.”

The Opposition Leader wants the Minister  to “provide full and transparent disclosure of the specific changes to the Charter of Rights that the government is intent to pursue, and of the amendments requiring a referendum that the Government intends to pursue (other than moving to a republic).”

Mr. Golding emphasized that he was “not willing to participate in an exercise that may lessen or weaken the Charter's fundamental rights and freedoms, or which would result in more restricted parliamentary oversight of the executive branch's recourse to emergency powers.”


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