JAMAICA | PNP Proposes High Level Agenda for Long Overdue Vale Royal Talks

JAMAICA | PNP Proposes High Level Agenda for Long Overdue Vale Royal Talks

KINGSTON, Jamaica. January 3, 2023 - Noting that the issue of National Security is the most important agenda item for any future Vale Royal Talks, PNP President and Opposition Leader Mark Golding has put forward  a proposed list of national imperatives he wants to be included on the agenda.

In a statement today, the PNP President said “The fact that, despite my repeated calls, the Government has only convened a single Vale Royal meeting (in February last year) since the last general election, underscores that there has been a lack of any authentic desire to seek consensus on critical issues which should be above partisan politics.”  

We, therefore, wish the next Vale Royal talks to include a mutual commitment to continuous consultation to build consensus on making Jamaica a safe place in which to live, as this is a priority of our people at this time," Golding said.

Additionally, and more specifically, we wish the following items to be included in the discussions:

  • A comprehensive national programme to engage Youth-at-risk

  • A new legislative mechanism to target known “violence producers”

  • Reimagining and redefining the scope of Zones of Special Operations as the main tool to restore order and peace in troubled communities 

  • A shared understanding of the specific objectives of the proposed (and long overdue) legislation for Enhanced Security Measures

  • An immediate reset of the GOJ’s engagement with the Jamaican Diaspora’s experts on crime and security matters, to achieve a productive relationship that can help Jamaica overcome our most serious national problem.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced last week that his administration was prepared to hold Vale Royal talks with the Parliamentary Opposition on the matter of the States of Emergencies.


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