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Fidel Letter to Maradona Shatters Rumors of His Death

Revolutionary Cuban leader Fidel Castro has quashed rumors of his death and written a letter to football legend Diego Maradona, confirming that he is very much alive.

The former Argentine national player is currently visiting Cuba's capital Havana to record the second season of his television show, De Zurda.

Last Friday, a rumor was circulated that there would be a press conference with international media to talk about Fidel’s health; a claim that was quickly denied by the island's authorities.

Another set of rumours followed the death of Fidel Castro Odingo, the oldest son of former prime minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, named in honor of the Cuban revolutionary, who fought for the liberation of many African countries.

In recent weeks various media outlets have reported that Fidel died, but on Monday the revolutionary's nephew Alejandro Castro Espin said that his uncle was “in good health.”

Alejandro Castro Espin told an Italian radio station that he visited his uncle just two days ago, and that the revolutionary leader remains healthy.

"We shouldn't pay attention to such information," Castro Espin said.

Alejandro Castro's statements will go some way toward putting the rumors to bed for now. The former Cuban President has not been seen in public for one year; the last time was at a gallery opening of Cuban artist Alexis Leyva in Havana.

Each time the revolutionary takes prolonged respite from the public eye, rumors that he may have died surface.

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