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Putin tells Israel: don’t send deadly weapons to Ukraine!

  • Written by News Jamaica source: TeleSUR
  • Published in World News
Russia's President Vladimir Putin | Photo: AFP  Russia's President Vladimir Putin | Photo: AFP
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday warned Israel against sending lethal weapons to Ukraine.

"It's the Israeli leadership's choice. It's their right to do what they think is appropriate. If this is lethal weapon, I think it will be counterproductive. It will only lead to another round of conflicts, to a rise in the number of victims, and the outcome will be the same," Putin told the state-run Rossiya channel.

Putin's remarks come days after unmanned sources within the Israeli government told the Hebrew-language website NRG that Israel might be sending weapons to Ukraine in retaliation against Russia's decision earlier this week to lift the ban on the delivery of S-300 missile system to Iran.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Putin in a phone conversation Tuesday that sending weapons to Iran would undermine security in the Middle East. Putin, however, argued that the missile system was nothing more than a defense system and would in no way threaten Israel.

Putin's presidential decree lifting the ban on the delivery of the missile system Monday comes as Iran and world powers announced earlier this month that they had reached a breakthrough in the negotiations over Teheran’s nuclear program. Putin said earlier this week that the ban was no longer necessary as “real and positive” progress had been made.

The Kiev government confirmed Friday that 300 United States soldiers were in Ukraine to train local troops. The Russian foreign ministry warned later that day that the training would constitute the beginning of future weapons delivery.

The delivery of the Russian missile system to Iran is expected to be completed by the end of the year, according to officials from both countries. So far, Israel has not officially indicated that any weapons shipment to Ukraine was planned.

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This content was originally published by teleSUR on April 18 at This Address.

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