Cash-strapped Venezuela to sell PetroCaribe debt?

CARACAS, Venezuela, December 5, 2014 — Venezuela is considering raising money for its cash-strapped economy by by selling part of its accounts receivable associated with its PetroCaribe oil supply program at a steep discount and securitizing US$7 billion it is owed by Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, under the deal.

Economic warfare the main Western weapon

In the last few days it became clear that economic warfare is the main weapon used by the Transnational Elite, (TE- i.e. the network of the elites based mainly in the G7 countries which run the New World Order of neoliberal globalization), to subordinate Russia and integrate every other country still resisting the process, e.g. Iran and Venezuela.

Venezuela commits to PetroCaribe despite oil price dip

CARACAS, November 20, 2014 - Venezuela on Thursday pledged that the preferences given to regional countries under the PetroCaribe Agreement will remain in place, with oil being supplied on favorable terms to member states despite a drop in international crude prices. 
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