JAMAICA | Religion, gender violence and reality of political power (Pt.1)

JAMAICA | Religion, gender violence and reality of political power (Pt.1)

SAVANNA-LA-MAR, Westmoreland, April 23, 2021 - From The Curse of Eve to intimate gender violence in Jamaica, it is important to point out from  the beginning, that what has become known as "The George Wright Saga" has its roots in the biblical canard replete with its connotations of the superiority of man and the subordinate standing of the woman. 

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Dr. Rovan Locke

The Book of Genesis delineating God's creativity  and the formation of the world is not comfortable reading for women particularly those of African ancestry.  In the  first ten Chapters, we witnessed God’s damnation of Eve for  allowing the serpent to become a co-conspirator with her which led Adam to eat from the "Forbidden Tree" in the Garden of Eden.

In addition, it postulates that not only is Eve from the rib of Adam, thus her secondary status on earth, but she is said to have "beguiled" him into disobedience and impatience" thus leading to their lustful cohabitary enjoyment of the 'forbidden fruit' in the Garden of Eden.

In his wrath, the theologans said that God retaliated against Eve, and inexplicably avoided any punishment of Adam. Is it that we have been lied to or tricked by our Sunday school teachers, into believing that it was an Apple Eve gave to Adam from the Forbidden Tree? However, we now know that it was an act of copulation by two naked people in the Garden of Eden. Afterwards "they discovered their nakedness."

It was this violation of “God 's COMMAND" which led to what is known as "The Original Sin".  Our Sunday school teachers and the Clergy have not stopped this nonsense about Eve giving Adam an Apple to eat.  In his wrath, God told Eve she would have Sorrow (pain) in childbirth. It was also the eternal punishment of the monthly menstrual period for every female, once she enters puberty. 

It is not an "accident of history" that men since antiquity have held this false sense of superiority over women. Both our King James Version of the Bible and the Holy Koran as well as the Jewish Torah, are the "unchallenged doctrines" of male predominance in society.Two other biblical examples of women subjugation are seen in the threesome of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar and the story of Lot's wife.

Political biases have raised their ugly faces in the heated responses on that unfortunate video where a man is seen mercilessly using a stool to throw licks on a woman in the district of Chester Castle in Hanover.

George Wright 460George Wright 460According to the police, following an exhaustive investigation and interview process that conformed with law enforcement best practices and involved both parties, the investigation into the alleged incident ha had to be ended   as a result of the unwillingness of the parties involved and potential witnesses to participate in the investigation, as well as the poor quality of the video alleged to capture the incident.

The police explainedn that both the complainant  Ms. Tannisha Singh and Mr.George Wright, M.P., made independent reports of a physical altercation on April 6. Ms. Singh made a report to the Anchovy Police, while later that evening Mr. Wright made a report to the Ramble Police. 

Given the physical state of Ms. Singh, the police escorted her to a medical facility to ensure she received treatmenat. She was asked to return to the station after treatment in order to give a formal statement. To date, attempts at securing said statement have proven futile. Mr Wright was asked to seek medical attention and return to give a statement, at which time he stated that he was unwilling to do so.

The Jamaica Labour Party says an application by Central Westmoreland Member of Parliament, George Wright, has been approved for him to take a leave of absence from the Party. Mr. Wright has also been relieved of all party related duties. In a statement the JLP says the Operations Council of the party had commenced deliberations last week to consider the issue of Wright's membership in the Party.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his General Secretary, deputy prime minister Dr. Horace Chang, seem to have been caught between the proverbial “devil and the deep blue sea.”

If the Central Westmoreland Member of Parliament should cave in and resign his seat, in such an eventuality, there would be a bye election in this PNP bastion and the JLP would most likely  lose this time around.  

One of the biggest surprises of the September 03, 2020 general election, was Grorge Wright's  victory over the incumbent of two terms, Dwayne Vaz. Central Westmoreland is seen as perhaps the strongest PNP 's constituency since Slave Boy's days in the 1950s. It's said to be as prominent as Western Kingston is for the JLP since the  early 1960s under the prominence of former prime minister Edward Phillip George Seaga.

The JLP won Central Westmoreland by default in the 1980 with Karam Joseph, due to the Communist Albatross and  the Cubanization of Jamaica around Michael Manley's neck and in the 1983 uncontested "Nicodemus in the Dark '' Election.

The announcement by then prime minister Edward Seaga caught the PNP flat footed and therefore decided to boycott the election. From February 1989 to September 03, 2020, this has been  a PNP Garrison Constituency or Stronghold.

George Wright's victory was not a surprise due to the unpopularity of Dwane Vaz because of his supreme arrogance and his false sense of comfort,  by believing the outdated, PNP  mantra from Slave Boy Evans' time, that “if you put up a Dead Dog as the PNP Candidate in Central Westmoreland, it must win."

The rest of the Nation cannot understand the embarrassment and deep pain by residents from Central Westmoreland emanating from that April 06,2021 Video clip with the two combatants. 

Here was an individual who came from the deep underbelly of our society to reach the "Hallowed Halls" of Parliament. To throw away a budding political career over a mis-understanding with a woman is beyond comprehension.

Interestingly the ethnicity of the victim has reinforced a type of  truism or Jamaican colloquialism about the "unique sweetness or niceness" of these Jamaican women. But, however much it `sweet him’ in sufficient quantities to bring  out the devil in him, the perpetrator in question cannot be excused for his heinous and unpardonable vicious beating of one of his ladies within his Harem. Yes, she is said to be one of his consorts.

The congregation of numerous ladies around a politician is said to be a part of "the perks" which comes with being a political operative  within the Jamaican body politic. We cannot forget the charismatic characters of both former prime ministers Hugh Shearer and Michael "Joshua " Manley, and how these two former prime ministers were "deeply loved" by the ladies.

What about Penitence and Forgiveness? We started off this discussion about the Original Sin and God's wrath against Eve and Lot's wife, due to their not heeding his Instructions. However, there is that forgiving side of God. Let us take the story of Paul who got knocked to the ground and his way to murder multitudes of Christians. 

Here was a person with Christisn blood on his hands who God converted for his mission and Paul became one of the most powerful within Christianity. Isn't he the author of the Book of Corinthians which our largest religious grouping in Jamaica used as their main source of Indoctrination?

 Are we saying that that brutal episode of intimate Gender Violence is as unspeakable and more unforgiving than Saul's  long history of murderous activity before he became the Apostle Paul? 

The Governor General and his wife, prime minister Andrew Holness and his wife, Mrs Lorna Golding, the wife of former prime minister Bruce Golding and her brother Pearnel Charles Snr, are all influential members of the Seventh Day Church within our midst and they should seek out the ostracized Member of Parliament from Central Westmoreland and provide him with their support during his rehabilitation process.



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