JAMAICA | Religion, gender violence and political power (Pt.2)

JAMAICA | Religion, gender violence and political power (Pt.2)

SAVANNA-LA-MAR, April 27, 2021 - As previously indicated in part 1 of this article, one of the biggest surprises of the September 03, 2020 general election, was George Wright's victory over the PNP incumbent of two terms, Dwayne Vaz who seemed to have squandered his political good-will during the period of his incumbency.

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Dr. Rovan Locke

But victory for the Jamaica Labour Party's George Wright in Central Westmoreland was not a surprise due to the unpopularity of Dwane Vaz because of his supreme arrogance and his false sense of comfort,  by believing the outdated, PNP mantra from Slave Boy Evans' time, that “if you put up a Dead Dog as the PNP Candidate in Central Westmoreland, it must win."

Central Westmoreland is seen as perhaps the strongest PNP 's constituency since Slave Boy's days in the 1950s. It is said to be as prominent for the PNP, as Western Kingston is for the JLP since the early 1960s under the strong guidance of former prime minister Edward Phillip George Seaga. 

The rest of the Nation cannot understand the embarrassment and deep pain by residents from Central Westmoreland emanating from that April 06,2021 Video clip with the two combatants.

Here is an individual who came from the deep underbelly of our society to reach the "Hallowed Halls" of Parliament only to throw away a budding political career over a mis-understanding with a woman, is beyond comprehension.

Interestingly the ethnicity of the victim has reinforced a type of  truism or Jamaican colloquialism about the "unique sweetness or niceness" of these Jamaican women. But, however much it `sweet him’ in sufficient quantities to bring out the devil in him, the perpetrator in question cannot be excused for his heinous and unpardonably vicious beating of one of the ladies within his Harem. Yes, she is said to be one of his consorts.

The congregation of numerous ladies around a politician is said to be a part of "the perks" which comes with being a political operative within the Jamaican body politic. We cannot forget the charismatic characters of both former prime ministers Hugh Shearer and Michael "Joshua " Manley, and how these two former prime ministers were "deeply loved" by the ladies.

What about Penitence and Forgiveness? We started off this discussion about the Original Sin and God's Wrath against Eve and Lot, due to their not heeding his Instructions. However, there is that Forgiving Side of God. Let us take the Story of Paul who got knocked to the ground and his way to murder multitudes of  Christians.

Here was a person with Christian blood on his hands who God converted for his mission and Paul became one of the most powerful within Christianity. Isn't he the Author of the Book of Corinthians which our largest religious grouping in Jamaica used as their main source of Indoctrination?

 Are we saying that that brutal episode of intimate Gender Violence is as unspeakable and more unforgiving than Saul's  long history of murderous activity before he became the Apostle Paul? 

The Governor General and his wife, prime minister Andrew Holnes and his wife, Mrs Lorna Golding, the wife of former prime minister Bruce Golding and her brother Pearnel Charles Snr, are all influential members of the Seventh Day Church within our midst and they should seek out the ostracized Member of Parliament from Central Westmoreland and provide him with their support during his rehabilitation  process.

The Jamaican Clergy, the opposition People's National Party, academicians and civil society are justified in their condemnation of the "besieged" politician whose lack of restraint has placed him in such a peculiar situation.

 "Him name gawn abroad" and he will be a one term member of parliament for central Westmoreland. All these influential voices within our political landscape are conveniently  engaged  in "Biblical Amnesia " and are not prepared to see that politician’s action as a continuum of male dominance/superiority Complex going back to the "the Persecuted Eve Complex".

We mentioned earlier how the female pregnant runaway slave was contacted by the Angel in the desert and told to return to the abusive threesome in Abraham' s home. We highlighted how God’s wrath turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt for challenging his instructions to her husband not to look back whilst they fled the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Central Westmoreland parliamentarian has to be aware of the pivotal biblical role of women in powerful men's downfall. Perhaps he has forgotten the story of Samson and Deliah and not to mention King David who, having licked his lips in admiration of Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite, a general in his Army, and how he took the political decision to sent Uriah to the military front lines where he was eventually killed. David in turn was now free to lustily partake of his widow Bathsheba's "fruits".

David however, paid a heavy price for his insatiable sexual appetite by God's retaliatory action which culminated in the loss of his most preferred child Absalom. We must not forget King Solomon and his sexual desires for the Ethiopian Princess Sheba who travelled very far to meet him.

Are there similarities between these powerful Biblical figures and the hot tempered, budding political operative  from the Central Westmorland Constituency?

The emergence of the Information Superhighway allows us to get news the minute it happens. In this case the perpetrator of alleged Intimate gender violence was captured in such a dramatic and disgusting manner, that it will haunt him and the Jamaica Labour Party for the rest of this century.

The ominous impact to the governing JLP will be similar to what occurred three-quarter of a century ago when it was rumored  that the then sitting member of parliament for Central Westmoreland Clifford Campbell objected in parliament to premier Norman Washington Manley’s epochal and shattering announcement of the introduction of the Common Entrance examinations to high schools.

It is said that C.C. Campbell retorted "education can't eat like sugar." It was then that he earned the moniker ‘Sugar Head'. Sir Clifford died a broken man, although he became the first Jamaican born Governor General of our independent Jamaica.

The people in Westmoreland never forgave him and they linked Sir William Alexander Bustamante the founder of The Jamaica Labour Party to this backward view of education for poor people.This was the trigger which led to the entire Westmoreland becoming a People’s National Party heartland from 1955 to 2018 (with the1980s anacronistic exceptionalism).

The September 03, 2020 general elections appeared to be the end of the JLP breaking away from Clifford Campbell's albatross. Then came that April 06, 2021 video. Will the parish return to the PNP in the next General elections just because of one episode of the personal peccadilloes of a blundering,  jealous politician?


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