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Jamaica's dalliance with Netantahu, the 'Butcher of Gaza'

  • Written by By O. Dave Allen
  • Published in Opinion
MONTEGO BAY,  November 19, 2018 - After the whitewash of the PNP in 1981 Parish Council elections and the tedious labour in the vineyard to rebuild the party in St. James, I was made the Secretary of the PNP St. James Parish Caucus, tasked with the responsibility of strengthening  the organisational capacity of the party  to dislodge the JLP in  any  future election in the parish.

O dave allen
The author, Mr. O. Dave Allen, is a freelance writer and community development advocate as well as a political commentator.

In 1986, two weeks before the announcement of the Local Government Elections, as the candidate for the Granville Division, I was summoned to Party Headquarters by the leader where I was instructed by him, the President of the party, Michael Manley, to withdraw my candidacy because of my alleged membership in the Palestinian Liberation Organization while I was a student at Pace University in New York.  

I am therefore sensitive and find it personally offensive that the Jamaican government should, at this time, consort with the genocidal, racist and apartheid  Zionist  state of Israel led by the butcher of Gaza, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

In the  2018/19 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, held earlier this year, the discredited former Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr Andrew Wheatley, sought Cabinet’s approval  for a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government and Israel Aerospace Industries, to facilitate the creation of the region's first Cyber Academy.

According to press report, Wheatley informed the public that the academy is intended to “build a professional and skilled cyber workforce by providing training and practical experience and certification in the areas of cybersecurity, cyber defence and cyber intelligence.”

Frankly speaking, after Dr. Wheatly’s vulgar display of conspicuous consumption and his grand ‘Wakanda’ entrance to Parliament  seemed so out of place, such ostentatiousness and lack of modesty I did not expect from an accomplished doctor. My suspicion of impropriety was aroused only to be confirmed by the scandalous affairs at PETROJAM.

I agree with the former Minister that; “We face many challenges in our fight against cybercrime. One of those is the ability to find and retain expertise in the field. For our country to be equipped to deal with the threats associated with increased use of technology and the enablement of a truly digital society, we must have qualified experts to protect our public- and private-sector assets,” However, I do not trust his motives.

But given recent events in the USA, where an Israeli firm is currently under investigation by the FBI for approaching Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to use social media manipulation, including creating thousands of fake online identities, has justified my trepidation.

hassadims protest 460According to the report by Psy-Group, which employed former Israeli intelligence officers before undergoing liquidation that entity offered to engineer campaigns in support of Trump using social media manipulation against both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and Republican Senator Ted Cruz, whom the campaign feared  would attempt to push an insurgent nomination effort at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why would Andrew Holness put his relationship with the Trump Administration at risk, in pursuant of this memorandum of understanding with this rogue Israeli enterprise? After all, he should learn well from the Bruce Golding experience.  In the era of Cambridge Analytica, we must be careful of those whom we put in charge of harvesting sensitive personal data, like the National Identification System (NIDS), data that can be  manipulated to achieve nefarious ends.

For the sake of clarity, is it the same  Israel Aerospace Industries, to which the Andrew Holness led administration has signed a memorandum of understanding to which it is reported that there is a police investigation for the suspicion of systematic criminal behaviour and deep corruption seemingly commonplace in Israel Aerospace Industries?

Is it the same Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) investigation that became public in March, after 13 people were arrested on suspicion of corruption, offenses which included aggravated fraud, money laundering, theft by a public servant, fraud and breach of trust?

Retired IDF Brigadier-General Amal Asad was also among those arrested on suspicion of receiving bribes from businessmen at technology company DruzeNet to further the company’s interests with IAI.

This is not the first adventure of the JLP regime  with this racist Zionist state.  In 1982 in an effort  to make Jamaica bloom, the Seaga-led JLP government embraced this rouge regime to attract enough foreign investment and technology to put more than 237,000 acres of idle or under-used lands into cultivation.

Mr. Seaga said the Israeli project was supposed to serve as ''mother farms'' that will provide technology and marketing assistance to neighbouring Jamaican farmers, most of whom were working on plots of 10 acres or less. Eli Tisona was managing director of the Israeli project at Spring Plain.   

Eli Tisona, 56, was found guilty in the US Federal Court of 146 federal counts against him in one of the nation's biggest drug laundering trials. Charges against Tisona included filing false bank statements and making illegal overseas wire transfers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his regime are no stranger to charges of   corruption. In February of this year the Israeli police recommended that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust, while his wife Sara, was charged with fraud over the alleged misuse of state funds.

For Prime Minister Holness to turn his back against the long-standing foreign policy by successive administrations for a  two-state solution and the rights to a homeland for  the Palestinian people, is a sell-out and a betrayal of Jamaica and black people.  

We are talking about an apartheid state where the burning of Christian churches is justified by the far-Right Jewish Head of Lehava, known for its violent campaign against Jew-Arab assimilation and its public defence of setting fire to Holy Land churches, including an arson attack by suspected hard-line settlers in the West Bank village of Duma that killed a one-year-old Palestinian toddler and gravely injured his parents and brother.

What is the foreign policy objective of the Andrew Holness regime by consorting  with racists   like Netanyahu who seek to deport thousands of black people from the state of Israel  and the racist genocidal Medina of the Dominican Republic.  

I concur with Mr. David Comissiong of Citizen of the Caribbean and the  President of the Clement Payne Movement (Barbados) who wrote recently and I quote: .

“Any Jamaican government that is so lacking in racial pride and respect for humanity and civilized values that it would confer a national honour on President Medina of the Dominican Republic– a political leader who is currently presiding over a racist genocidal mass deportation of hundreds of thousands of Black Dominicans of Haitian ancestry– has done Jamaica and Jamaicans a grave disservice !”

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his administration are guilty of  an act of infamy, and have seriously undermined the historic and sacred mission of the Jamaican and Caribbean people to be champions of Black dignity and human rights.

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