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UNITED STATES | All eyes are on you President Biden

  • Written by Bongo Man
  • Published in Opinion
MONTREAL,  Canada, January 16, 2021 -  There is nothing more apt that I can think of, that goes beyond the hypocrisy of president Joe Biden as the new head of the empire, than Biden talking as a white supremacist on Venezuela (a country of colored people) as opposed to his condemnation of white supremacy at his inauguration on January 20th.

What else could possibly explain that President Biden would condemn the racist/terrorist attack on the US Capitol by white American terrorists on January 6th and yet invited a Venezuelan terrorist Carlos Vecchio, who was charged in the 2014 attack on the office of the Venezuelan Attorney General to his inauguration on January 20th?

trump guido white house 350Donald Trump gives Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido the head of state treatment with White House welcome ceremony and Oval Office meetingHow could President Biden also openly and correctly criticize Trump and Trumpism for being anti-democratic and racist, and yet he embraces the traitor and terrorist Juan Guiado as the legitimate president of Venezuela just like President Trump did before him for nearly four years? 

Is President Biden not aware that the traitor, Juan Guiado openly supports the violent overthrow of the constitutionally elected government of Venezuela, who was arrogantly appointed by President Trump as the President of the sovereign nation of Venezuela?

How could President Biden oppose and denounce Trump and Trumpism in the US and continue to embrace an openly interventionist and Trumpist foreign policy in Venezuela by supporting not only a discredited traitor, but by so doing persists to  assault the sovereignty of Venezuela?

Isn’t President Biden  aware that terrorism in the US has the same effects  on the psychology and stability of Americans that it does for people in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Africa and all over the world?

Will the Biden-Harris government continue to provide protection for the charged terrorist Carlos Vecchio who is the representative of the traitor Juan Guiado in the US as he got from the Trump-Pence government?

There is no doubt in my mind that President Biden is trying to have it both ways. As the new titular head of the US empire, President Biden, has to make up his mind as to whether he can be opposed to white supremacy domestically in the US for political expediency and supports it globally in assaulting sovereign governments and peoples of color in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Yemen, Palestine and elsewhere in the world. 

Respectfully, principle dictates that if one is opposed to white supremacy, it has to be opposed anywhere and everywhere it exists, while opportunism determines that white supremacy is opposed for expediency domestically!

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