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Venezuela’s Fight for Self-determination and Anti-imperialism is also CARICOM's fight.

  • Written by Trevor Brown
  • Published in Opinion
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is fully supported by the country's military Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is fully supported by the country's military
KINGSTON, Jamaica, January 25, 2019 -  The most recent coup attempt of the US government and the right wing oligarchy in Venezuela and the region is NO surprise. However, it is equally clear that it is another assault against Venezuela’s sovereignty, its constitutionally elected President Nicholas Maduro and its right like all nations to self-determination.

Thus, President Trump’s declaration of Juan Guaido, a right wing lawmaker as the interim president and US VP Pence’s open call on the right wing forces in Venezuela to overthrow the elected President of Venezuela who won nearly 70% of the votes in the presidential elections last May are not only illegal but are totally undemocratic actions against a sovereign people and a democratically elected president.

Evidently not only do Trump and Pence by their declarations manifest their open and desperate hostility and contempt for the sovereign decision of the Venezuelan people to have elected Maduro and not the right wing that chose not to participate in the presidential elections but it is an assault against the principles that undergrid international law and the right of every nation to self-determination.

In this context, the shameful vote of the right-wing CARICOM governments of Jamaica, Guyana, St. Lucia, Haiti and the Bahamas who voted in the OAS on Thursday, January 10th to support the US sponsored OAS resolution to delegitimize the constitutionally elected President of Venezuela along with their political allies in the reactionary Lima Group as well as those other CARICOM governments such as Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts, Trinidad and Tobago and Belize who elected to abstain or “ to sit on the fence” on the OAS resolution to delegitimize President Maduro have all violated not only the principles of respect for sovereignty, self-determination of nations, peaceful resolution of conflicts within and between all nations that have guided the foreign policy of CARICOM since its founding in 1973 but they have also violated Venezuela’s right to self-determination and sovereignty.

Consequently, it is beyond doubt that both the earlier cited CARICOM governments that voted for the US sponsored OAS resolution and those that elected to abstain from the vote have effectively “voted” to delegitimize the presidency of President Maduro and to support the US empire’s destabilization of not only a friendly ally but a sovereign nation under outright attack from US and global imperialism!

However, it’s important to ask the question, why is the imperialist government of the US and its allies in CARICOM and the Lima Group so opposed to the constitutionally elected president of Maduro and Venezuela’s right to self-determination?

To put it simply and accurately, the real reason can be summarized in two words - Venezuela’s resources. In fact, the Venezuelan foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza puts it concisely when he says:

'If in Venezuela we only had bananas, none of this intervention would be happening. But we have oil. We have gas. We have gold. We have silver. We have bauxite. We have iron. We have water. I mean, Venezuela is a very rich, wealthy nation. And that is why we are—they want to rule the country again, as they did until 1998. They want to have control of the Venezuelan resources. And that is why they are so obsessed to overthrow Maduro, because they want to have these resources for the development of capitalism here in the United States.'

The latter quotation in a nutshell as stated by the Venezuelan foreign minister is the fundamental reason why the US and global imperialism and its lapdogs in CARICOM and the reactionary Lima Group constitute the nearly 21 years of economic, political, psychological, propaganda and military and paramilitary coup /destabilization attempts against the sovereign South American nation!

The fact is that the imperialists and their right-wing henchmen in CARICOM and the Lima Group are relentlessly attempting to get their hands on Venezuela’s gold, oil, gas, diamonds and other natural and human resources which they really believe are posited in Venezuela for them to exploit for profits.

Thus in this regard, it must be stated that the imperialists and their allies are not concerned at all about democracy and human rights violations which they use regularly and conveniently all over the world, whenever they are dead set on removing a government like Maduro’s that seriously care about democracy and human rights.

First, the simple fact is that if they were genuinely concerned about democracy, then they would not want to overthrow a president who won nearly 70% of the popular votes in Venezuela. Second, they would not have imposed Juan Hernandez, as president of Honduras who undoubtedly lost the presidential elections last year. Likewise they would not have assassinated the many democratically elected governments of Lumumba in the Congo, Allende in Chile and so many others in South America and other countries.

Likewise, if the imperialists and their lapdogs were truly concerned with democracy, they would not have supported so many bloodthirsty dictators such as Pinochet in Chile, Mobutu in the Congo, the Saudi monarchy, Somoza in Nicaragua and the Sha of Iran just to name a few!

Indeed, the support of the US imperialists and their lapdogs for these right wing governments and dictatorships in South America, Central America and globally expose their palpable lies about their concern for human rights in their own countries, their Lima Group allies and frankly even in some of their CARICOM allies like Jamaica, Guyana and Haiti where citizens of these countries are frequently held in jails as suspects for long periods of time, criminal suspects are frequently summarily executed by the police, countless citizens of these countries including the US subsist in crushing poverty among others. How could these onerous conditions be even remotely be considered as human rights instead of flagrant violations of human rights?

Thus, it should be clear that the sole interests of the imperialists and their allies is to achieve “ regime change” in Venezuela because unlike the US imperialists and their allies, the sovereign government of President Maduro is unshakeable in its belief that Venezuela’s natural resources belong to the people of Venezuela and must be used to improve their lives and not the profit margins of imperialist corporations and governments!

As such, those of us who unconditionally support Venezuela’s sovereignty and self-determination have NO choice but to support Venezuela’s elected President Maduro, it’s sovereign government and rights to its resources and its right to self-determination as a people as if there is NO tomorrow! Further, we support the call of President Maduro’s government to request the UN to act as as arbiter of peace between his government and the violent right-wing political opposition.

Now more than ever, there is NO time “ to sit on the fence” like some CARICOM governments like Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago did and certainly there is NO time to directly sell out Venezuela’s friendship and sovereignty as some other CARICOM governments like Jamaica and Guyana recently did at the OAS!

Our only choice is to stand steadfastly with our sovereign friend, President and people who are battling for their right to live in peace and freedom from imperialism just like the courageous CARICOM governments St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica and Suriname did despite the immense imperialist pressures and despite their small size.

They did not capitulate to imperialism at the OAS like the other CARICOM countries instead they stood up for the principles of self-determination, sovereignty and the peaceful resolution of a country’s internal problems that have always guided CARICOM’s foreign policy since its founding in 1973. The fact is that those three CARICOM nations recognize that to fight for Venezuela’s right to self-determination and peaceful existence is also to fight for CARICOM’s right to self-determination and peaceful existence!

Venezuela needs us NOW as much as we need Venezuela NOW because Venezuela’s enemy is imperialism and CARICOM’s enemy is the same imperialism!

  • Countries: Latin America