GUYANA | Opposition charges PPP Gov’t with using ‘Gestapo’ tactics of extra-judicial abductions

GUYANA | Opposition charges PPP Gov’t with using ‘Gestapo’ tactics of extra-judicial abductions

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, July 10, 2021 - The APNU+AFC Coalition is again not happy with the manner in which the police is allegedly being used as a weapon against the opposition by the government. 

In a statement today, the Coalition  charged that at 3 o’clock  this morning, agents of the ruling People's Progressive Party (PPP) regime, executed  what it said was a Gestapo-like arrest of Mr. William Roy Marshall, the driver of Region 10 Chairman, Mr. Deron Adams.

Reports from Mr. Marshall’s wife says  that he was awakened from his sleep and forcefully abducted from his home in the dead of night by persons dressed in plain clothes and claiming to be officers of the Guyana Police Force, but who produced no identification or warrant.

The GPF has now belatedly confirmed that Mr. Marshall is in the custody of the Criminal Investigation Division.

It is important to note that up to 10am today the Police Divisional Commander at Linden claimed no knowledge of the arrest by elements external to the Police Division.

“The APNU+AFC Coalition condemns this unconstitutional abduction of a citizen, a phenomenon which was pervasive while the PPP previously held government and which led to hundreds of young black men remaining missing to this day and presumed dead.”

The Coalition noted that “what is especially troubling about this incident is that it appears as though the PPP regime, in defiance of the constitution and laws of Guyana, has activated the shadowy parallel police force known as Regional Security Support Teams but which many citizens have likened to the return of the Black Clothes Killing Squad.”

“This latest action buttresses our No Confidence Motion in Robeson Benn, the Minister of Home Affairs in whom no right-thinking Guyanese can have any confidence and who must be removed.

“We warn, once again, that the PPP by their reign of terror against citizens is pushing Guyana to a dangerous place where Guyanese people feel unsafe and distrustful of persons who hold themselves out as officers and ranks of the Guyana Police Force,” the APNU/AFC release stated.

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