GUYANA | Venezuela doubles down on its claim to Guyana Essequibo

GUYANA | Venezuela doubles down on its claim to Guyana Essequibo

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, September 7, 2021 - The government of Venezuela will not be relinquishing its claim to the Essequibo region of Guyana any time soon according to a preliminary agreement reached with its parliamentary opposition at a dialogue process in Mexico.

Representatives of the Venezuelan government and the opposition began discussions in Mexico City aimed at overcoming Venezuela's acute political and economic crisis, which has caused millions to flee the Latin American nation.

The head of the Venezuelan government delegation at the dialogue process in Mexico, Jorge Rodríguez, announced on Tuesday that in the framework of the second day of dialogue with the opposition, two partial agreements were signed.

According to Rodríguez, the two partial agreements refer to the ratification and defense of Venezuela’s claim to the Essequibo region Guyana which is the subject of an International Court of Justice (ICJ) litigation, and the protection of Venezuela's economy and the social safety of the people."                           

"We agreed in a profound declaration of support, respect for the history and the right that our Homeland has over the territory of Guyana, we emphasized that the 1966 Ginera Agreement is the only instrument that we recognize to settle in a friendly and bilateral manner the controversies that may arise in border matters with Guyana", he detailed.                   

Concerning the protection of the economy, Rodriguez explained that the recovery of monies that are in foreign accounts was subscribed as a priority, "these resources will be used for the attention against Covid-19, acquisition of more vaccines, provision of hospitals, strengthening of food programs and attention to the Venezuelan people", he added.                   

"We do not need anyone to donate to us. We have enough resources that belong to the country and they are enough to consolidate the economic stabilization and attend to the population", said Rodriguez, who also serves as president of the National Assembly.         

The head of the delegation for the Government presided by Nicolás Maduro, expressed that there are still many issues to be discussed and both parties continue with the will to advance in the process, "we maintain the criterion that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed," he recalled.                                   

"We thank the Government of President López Obrador and his Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard because they have provided all the conditions for us to advance in this dialogue process, as well as the representatives of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Russian Federation," said Rodríguez.                                  

Finally, Rodriguez himself explained that the new cycle of meetings to advance in the dialogue would be held from the 24th to the 27th of this month.

The talks which are being held in Mexico include more than a dozen countries, among them the Netherlands, Russia, Bolivia, Turkey and Norway, which will act as the facilitator.

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