JAMAICA | PNP moves to mend widening rift within its ranks

JAMAICA | PNP moves to mend widening rift within its ranks

KINGSTON, Jamaica June 1, 2021 - The People's National Party (PNP) says as a result of “Unity Conversations” among the leadership of the party, a decision has been taken to widen these conversations with a view to restoring unity in the 83 year old organization.

In a statement issued Monday night, the PNP said its officers have committed to work together to build trust among themselves and within the wider party.

“As Officers of the People's National Party (PNP), we make a common commitment to work together to ensure that our Party continues on its mission of building equality and social justice. We know that if we are able to work together and build trust and unity among ourselves and the wider Party, the PNP will be a formidable and unstoppable force,” the statement said.

“Through the Unity Conversations, which commenced in January 2021, we have recommitted to working together. It is clear that there is much more that unites us than divides us,” the statement continued.,

“We thank the Unity Committee for its work, and look forward to proceeding with the immediate next steps as we engage the Executive, Parliamentary Groups, Regional Bodies and Arms & Affiliates in these conversations.

“We acknowledge that, while the mission of our Noble Movement is a journey with its ups and downs along the way, we are building the open relationships and institutional framework that will sustain unity in the Party,” the statement noted.

The communiqué says the executive of the PNP has activated the party's Internal Affairs Commission and its Disciplinary Committee to take steps to forge harmony and ensure adherence to the Party's constitution and code of conduct.

The communiqué was  signed by 13 members of the officer corps, including President Mark Golding, General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell, vice presidents Damion Crawford, Mikael Phillips and Dr. Wykeham McNeill and Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate Peter Bunting.

Only last week, the party came to the support of General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell, noting that  it  stands firm in support of Dr.Campbell, as it awaits the outcome of the police investigation in relation to the three documents tendered by his accuser.

Reports have surfaced in recent weeks of growing disunity in the People's National Party. This has led some observers to question the viability of  the party as an opposition.

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