JAMAICA | PNP urges Police to probe documents accusing General Secretary of impropriety

General Secretary of the PNP Dr. Dayton Campbell

KINGSTON, May 27, 2021 - The People’s National Party has urged the Police to fully investigate the circumstances behind the three documents, accusing General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell of impropriety, including the accuser and the St Andrew Justices of the Peace who purported to witness signatures on the documents but failed to report the matter to the police.”

In a statement today, the PNP says it  stands firm in support of General Secretary, Dr. Dayton Campbell, as it awaits the outcome of the police investigation in relation to the three documents tendered by his accuser.

has noted the recent spate of unsubstantiated allegations made against Dr Campbell, by a member of the  party, and reiterated  its position on the issue of gender-based violence.

”We condemn violence against women and children in all forms. We must all make every effort to ensure that our women and children are protected from harm, violence and abuse,” the party said in its statement. 

The PNP statement pointed out that “it is a legal obligation to report sexual crimes against children to the responsible authorities, whenever it comes to our attention. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.” 

“When the allegations were first made in April of this year, the General Secretary rejected the allegations as baseless and filed a civil suit for damages caused to his reputation and defamation of his character. The Party immediately referred the matter to the Police, who launched an investigation and determined that the allegations were “baseless” and “unsubstantiated,” the party pointed out.

The statement noted that “an injunction was granted by the court requiring the accuser and her two accomplices to cease and desist from repeating the allegations.  Very recently, three documents purportedly dated back in March 2021 were attached to the accuser’s defence filed in the civil case, and those documents were also shared with media houses, which rushed to publish them.”

The party observed that the “three documents have been redacted, meaning that the names of the persons purportedly signing those documents were marked out and have not been revealed. There are also other striking anomalies affecting those documents, which collectively undermine their credibility.” 

In addition, “we note that Dr Campbell has urged the police to investigate all the circumstances relating to those three documents. While DCP Fitz Bailey has today indicated that investigators are not considering reopening an investigation into the accuser’s allegations, the Party urges the Police to investigate fully the circumstances behind the three documents, including the accuser and the St Andrew Justices of the Peace who purported to witness signatures on the documents but failed to report the matter to the police.”

The PNP statement concluded by  observing that “it is clear that what has emerged in this matter fails to meet any reasonable standard of credibility that would make it right and proper for our General Secretary to step back from his office.”

“It cannot be right that individuals who are self-avowedly pursuing a political agenda can be allowed to achieve their objectives simply by making vile and unsupported accusations against senior officeholders. That would be a rogue’s charter,” the party concluded.  

In the meantime, the PNP says Dr. Campbell’s  accuser is also before the Party's Disciplinary Committee, to determine whether she must be held accountable for wrongfully bringing the Party into disrepute.

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