ST. LUCIA | Philip J. Pierre sworn in as St Lucia’s new Prime Minister

ST. LUCIA | Philip J. Pierre sworn in as St Lucia’s new Prime Minister

CASTRIES,  St. Lucia, July 29, 2021 - St. Lucia’s new prime minister, Philip J. Pierre was on Wednesday afternoon sworn in, promising to be prime minister not for some of the people, but for all of the people.

“The Saint Lucia Labour Party has won the general elections, however we now have to manage an inclusive, equitable and just society,” Prime Minister Pierre declared after taking the oath of office.

The new prime minister  said his  country could be one in which the less fortunate and vulnerable members of society are protected and assisted by the government to achieve a decent quality of life and human rights are guaranteed by the government to all citizens.

In addition, he said Saint Lucia could be an Island where dignity of the human person is preserved and respected and citizens are treated equally, while being given the opportunity to grow and achieve their full potential.

The new prime minister spoke of the need to provide  equal opportunity for all and the use of the resources of the state to benefit the majority of the people, since there can be no economy without people.

Describing himself as ‘your servant leader’, Pierre promised to serve all citizens regardless of social class or station.

“My brothers, this is the start of a new beginning for our country,” the Prime Minister declared.

“I ask for your patience in the coming weeks and months as we try to assess the state of the country’s finances and capacity to deliver as early as possible, the commitment made to the people of Saint Lucia,” the Prime Minister stated.

He explained that he would not act alone but seek the counsel of the wise.

“And if you stand firm with me, together we shall not fail,” Pierre told the gathering as he reaffirmed the pledge to put people first.

He said in the coming days, he will be announcing his cabinet of ministers to manage the country’s affairs.

Pierre thanked the people of Saint Lucia, residents of his Castries East Constituency, his family and several individuals who had stood by him during his ‘long and difficult journey’. “But only this child knew that with the help of God, patience, dedication and hard work, he would one day rise to be able to serve his people with love and humility,” the Prime Minister declared to applause.

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