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JAMAICA | Opposition urges Gov't not to accept deportees from UK amid COVID-19 increase

Featured Opposition Spokesman on Health and Wellness Dr Morais Guy Opposition Spokesman on Health and Wellness Dr Morais Guy
KINGSTON, Jamaica, November 30, 2020: The Opposition Spokesman on Health and Wellness Dr Morais Guy has expressed alarm that the Government of Jamaica has agreed to accept over 50 deportees scheduled to arrive from the UK on December 2, 2020.

The Opposition spokesman has pointed to the fact that Jamaica has more than 10,000 COVID positive cases and 256 deaths, with 17 persons dying in the last seven days alone. Dr Guy said, “Jamaica is by no means out of the woods where the control of COVID19 infections are concerned.  

The deportees are coming from the UK which is itself under lockdown as it attempts to gain control of the high rate of infections in its own jurisdiction. This is not the time to be welcoming deportees from the UK.”

The Opposition spokesman has further pointed out that the current data suggest that the greatest increase currently is in the parishes along the Resilient Corridor. Dr Guy is concerned that there appears to be a positive correlation between persons coming from abroad and the increase in numbers.

“We urge the government not to accept these individuals at this time as the country is not out of the woods as yet; our health service is stretched to the limit and there is fatigue among our health workers. We cannot as a country afford to impose this additional threat on our already overburdened health sector” the Opposition Spokesman said.

Dr Guy is also concerned whether or not this batch of deportees have all exhausted their due process and mitigatory options before being deported, and is therefore urging the government to pursue the highest diplomatic engagements to deter this flight.

If however, the government refuses to heed the warning of the Opposition to prevent the arrival of these persons, the Opposition is recommending the following measures;

  1. All persons on the flight MUST come with certificates of testing and proof of a negative COVID 19 PCR test.

  2.  All persons so landed must also be given a COVID 19 PCR test on arrival into Jamaica, irrespective of their pre-arrival tests being negative.

  3.  All persons arriving on the charter flight MUST be quarantined in a Government facility for at least 2 weeks before they are allowed to do the further immigration/National Security formalities.

  4.  Any person who within the two week quarantine period exhibit symptoms of COVID19 must be isolated in a government facility until they have returned a negative test.

  5. The Government of Jamaica MUST put in place all public health protocols to protect the various processing officers who come into contact with the arriving persons

Dr Guy insisted that the Government should allow discretion to be the better part of valour and act in the best interest of the Jamaican people.


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