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JAMAICA | PNP loses faith in Gov't COVID-19 Data reporting

  • Written by Calvin G Brown - wiredja.com
  • Published in Health
Featured  Dr. Morais Guy, MP for Central St. Mary and the PNP’s Shadow Minister of Health Dr. Morais Guy, MP for Central St. Mary and the PNP’s Shadow Minister of Health
KINGSTON, Jamaica, May 5, 2020 - The People's National Party (PNP) today says it has lost trust in the COVD19 data reporting being provided by the Andrew Holness administration.

In a statement today, the Party said the Holiness–Tufton Strategy is failing to protect Jamaica and is deepening the public health risk with crowds at business places and a rush on public transport.

 “We have given this government, every benefit of the doubt, in the national interest we have supported their efforts, as this crisis affects us all. However enough is enough, we can no longer trust that the Holness-Tufton communications and reporting on the COVID 19 cases in Jamaica are accurate, we do not believe the Prime Minister and the Health Minister are being transparent with the people of Jamaica,” Dr. Morais Guy, MP for Central St. Mary and the PNP’s Shadow Minister of Health said.

To be more specific, the Shadow Minister of Health said, “We do not believe the Prime Minister and the Health Minister are being transparent with the people of Jamaica.”

Dr. Guy a medical practitioner for over 35 years, said: “The case definition or standards being used to determine who is tested, is off, we are not convinced they are testing enough or at a rate that is required to accurately inform decisions,” he added. ”There seems to be an intentional creep on testing and a slow release of information to create an impression that all is well.”

”We now have the ability to do 2000 tests per day, then why is the Prime Minister Holness and Health Minister Tufton, failing for over a week to provide the test results for 600+ samples Jamaica has taken?” the Shadow Minister laments.

 Dr. Shane Alexis the PNP Caretaker for South East St, Mary and former President of the Medical Association of Jamaica said, “The Prime Minister Holness and Minister of Health Dr. Tufton are failing us. The number of Covid19 cases will soon pass 600 with‎ no clear national strategy to protect the groups most at risk. Acting after the fact low testing and ignoring the capacity of the private health sector to help us through private labs and surveillance are major gaps in their management. Our economic recovery depends on our health security.”

General Secretary of the People’s National Party, and Member of Parliament Julian Robinson said, "Prime Minister Holness and Health Minister Tufton are failing the people of Jamaica, we are seeing continued spread and in fact some of the measures are putting persons at heightened risk.”

Robinson who represents the South east St. Andrew Constituency said: “On a daily basis, thousands of workers, businesses, commuters are in a mad dash to buy groceries, conduct their business or simply get home. This does not support social distancing, which is required to reduce the spread of the virus.”

The Party says the government owes Jamaicans transparency on COVID-19.

It says these are the things that must be done towards the road to economic recovery:

1.   A regular and consistent timing of COVID-19 reporting, at the same time each day or week to give an accurate picture of infection rate. This should include, number tested, positive, negatives, symptomatic versus asymptomatic and location.

2.   Immediate expansion of the case definition to include: random testing, all respiratory symptom patients and all deaths in hospitals both private and public, so we can have an accurate view of COVID19 related deaths.

3.   For their protection, all healthcare providers on frontline duty should be tested routinely every 14 days.

4.   Review of the provision and management of mass transit and the safe provision of services essential to life to ensure social distancing and hygiene.

5.  Revisit business operating hours to ensure that persons have more time to access goods and services

6.  Immediate expansion and involvement of the private sector health centers for or surveillance of respiratory cases and the inclusion of ISO certified private labs in the provision and processing of COVID 19 tests to assist in our fight.

The PNP says it believes the GOJ is failing to put protection of the people first.



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