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Retired Health Workers in St. Thomas Honoured

More than  50 retired health workers have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to the health sector in St. Thomas. At an awards banquet held at the Knutsford Court Hotel, in Kingston, on August 27,  the  St. Thomas Health Services honoured persons who retired from the Princess Margaret Hospital and the St. Thomas Health Department during the period January 2009 to May 2015.

Minister of Health,  Dr. Fenton Ferguson, in addressing the function, lauded the retired workers for their dedicated service to the health sector in St. Thomas.

“I am glad that we have taken the time this year to recognize the persons who have been on the frontline of the health care system, who throughout their years of work, have had to be very creative and turn the impossible into possible, despair into hope and the unimaginable into something remarkable, with lasting value,” Dr. Ferguson said.

He said the public health care system can be challenging, and  “the fact that you stuck it out speaks to your level of patriotism, your dedication and your will to change the country one patient and one client at a time.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Ferguson  pointed out that the National Development Plan envisions a healthy and stable population by 2030.

“We are not very far from that deadline that we have set ourselves. In order to get there, we have many issues that we need to address,” he emphasised.

The Minister said the health system must be strengthened to  ensure a certain level of resilience that will allow the country to manage any type of crisis or hardship that it may face.

“We must ensure that all our citizens have equal access to quality and affordable health care services, and we must address the issue of non communicable diseases which are among the major health challenges being faced globally,” Dr. Ferguson said.

“Our citizens must also recognize the role they have to play in securing their own health. And importantly, we must address the customer service challenges in the system and the way clients treat our health workers,” he added.

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